Rescuer Chris at Ditchling Common Pond x

Rescuer Chris at Ditchling Common Pond

Saturday 19th is our Indoor Nature Trail at East Dean Village Hall. It is open from 10am till 5pm. There will be numerous talks throughout the day from various organisations including WRAS, the Fire Service, Sussex Badger Vaccination Project, Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre and more! There will be various stalls from wildlife and conservation organisations as well as arts and crafts. There will be refreshments available and food served between 12noon and 2pm for a donation. The event is free of charge and a great way to learn more about our local wildlife.  We will have information on show about our work including a report on the Swans at Decoy Pond and how WRAS plans to deal with the situation next year. The hall is easy to find next to East Dean Church, and only a 5 minute walk from the bus stop on the A259 at East Dean.  Last year was a great success and well worth a visit.

Kathy on the roof of IAR office in Uckfield catching a pigeon x

Kathy on the roof of IAR office in Uckfield catching a pigeon 

Rescuer Tony had to rush to the aid of a hedgehog in Milfoil Drive Eastbourne on Saturday after a person witnessed youths kicking, throwing and playing around with a hedgehog. The lady took the hedgehog and called WRAS for assistance. The young hedgehog was checked over and due to its young age was taken to one of WRAS’s orphan rearing team where it could receive one on one attention.  In this day and age, incidents like this should not be happening. It is sick and disgusting. The persons responsible are thought to be in their mid-teens. We have reported the incident to Sussex Police and we are appealing for anyone with information about this incident to contact Sussex Police on 101 quoting incident number 44 of 12/09/15. We understand from comments on facebook that this is not the first time youths in this area have been witnessed being cruel to hedgehogs.  We would urge people to keep an eye out for such behaviour and report such incidents to Sussex Police. Students of Eastbourne, we know you are more considerate and kind hearted than these people are making students out to be, so let’s not have Eastbourne or even East Sussex tarnished with a reputation of having students who are cruel to wildlife, lets stamp this behaviour out and send a clear signal to those who do this that it is unacceptable.

Kicked Young Hedgehog from Milfoil Drive

Kicked Young Hedgehog from Milfoil Drive

WRAS rescuers were called down to the inlet river to Princes Park by Wartling Road, to catch a dumped Aylesbury Duck which had been injured by a dog. I had to use a drysuit to wade along the river driving the duck towards Chris and Kathy waiting in a shallow section of river by the footpath bridge.  The rescue was successful and the duck is now in care. This is the third such duck this year we have had to rescue where they have been dumped on Sussex ponds. It is illegal to dump domestic ducks into the wild and it is cruel. They get picked on, they don’t know how to find and fight for food, they lose body condition, and get attacked by dogs as they are not frightened or used to them.  We hope this duck will make a full recovery.

WRAS rescuers Dave, Chris and I attended a swan at Newhaven last week after reports it had been attacked by a dog. We searched the area north of the incinerator plant and finally found him in one of the reed beds. I assessed the Swan and it was quite obvious that the wing was broken and had been twisted. The injuries aren’t consistent with a dog attack and more likely due to a collision, possibly with power lines. After emergency treatment the swan was taken up to our friends at the Swan Sanctuary at Shepperton where they have now operated on the swan.

Kathy with duck from rescued by Princes Park Eastbourne x

Kathy with duck from rescued by Princes Park Eastbourne

Chris and I have also been over to Ditchling Common Country Park to check out a cygnet reported as having fishing line hanging from its mouth. Chris was able to catch the cygnet using mixed corn as bait. I then checked its mouth and throat for line and hooks but luckily nothing was found. The cygnet was released back onto the water to stay with its parents.

Other rescues this week have included a bat flying round a bedroom in Solway Hailsham. Kathy and I attended late in evening and managed to persuade the bat to fly out of the window after doing several laps of the house.  We have some great video footage of the bat flying on our You Tube Channel.

Kathy and I have been out to rescue a young wood pigeon on the roof of International Animal Rescue / British Divers Marine Life Rescue office in Uckfield. The pigeon was caught and found to have severe canker, and sadly passed away the following day, despite treatment.

Newhaven Swan with rescuer Chris

Newhaven Swan with rescuer Chris

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