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Three Contrasting Celtic CDs

pies Manilla cds

pies Manilla cds

CELTIC WOMAN; Ancient Land.

Celtic Woman is a group of four women who sing a mixture of classic and contemporary Irish songs.

The group started over 13 years ago in 2005 and has evolved, changing group members from time to time.

Their albums and DVDs have been multi-platimum bestsellers, selling over 10 million copies.

Concerts have usually been fully booked in 23 countries in six continents.

Celtic Woman’s present group is made up of Tara, Mairead, Megan (no, not that Megan!) and Eabha. Their voices blend together perfectly, and individually they are all excellent. And they’re all beautiful!

The blend of haunting voices with Irish musical instruments is soothing and relaxing.

Just sit back and absorb the sound.



Twitter.com/Celtic Woman

life in a carnival
life in a carnival

SCREAMING ORPHANS; Life in a Carnival.

The Screaming Orphans describe themselves as a Celtic rock/pop band. They are four sisters (Grainne, Joan, Marie Therese and Angela Diver) from Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland.

Their whole family, including parents, uncles and other relatives, were involved in music. The house was always full of musicians, all with varied musical tastes.

screaming orphans photo
screaming orphans

The four sisters are professional musicians and have stuck together through thick and thin.

All the tracks are written by them, except Track 2, which is a different version of the Turtles’ 1967 hit, ‘Happy Together.’

It’s a very varied CD and each track is high quality.

‘The aim of the new album,’ says Grainne, ‘is to make fans aware of their creative reach.’

‘While the band still love playing in front of appreciative crowds at festivals,’ adds Joan, ‘they want it known that they’re not just a rowdy band having fun!’

Fun is a good way of summing up their style. I loved it!

Website; www.screamingorphans.com

Link to Screaming Orphans video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-QjNHwgdvM&feature=youtu.be

pies Manilla cds

MORRISSEY & MARSHALL; We Rise Again… Acoustically.

You probably haven’t heard of Morrissey & Marshall yet, but believe me, you will!

From the very beginning of their CD I was hooked! I’ve played it a few times since and it sounds even better every play.

How would I describe them? Remember that excellent CD by the Dandy Warhols? Well, they’re a cross between them and the Everly Brothers.

Reading about them since I wrote this, I’m not the only one to compare them to the Everly Brothers, and also Simon and Garfunkel.

Yes I know that’s a bold statement, but have a listen and see what you think!


The two London-based Dubliners recorded We Rise Again…Acoustically in one day and released it, warts and all, although I didn’t hear any mistakes.

Their latest album, We Rise was recorded with a big band, but We Rise Again…Acoustically is just the two of them singing with guitars.

All lyrics are written by Darren Morrissey. He wrote One Man Band when he was just 15.

Darren is the hairy one.

Brilliant voices, brilliant guitars. Brilliant!

They’re touring the world soon, so check out their website and see if they’re appearing at a venue near you. Or ask Manilla PR.


Soundcloud; www.soundcloud.com/morrisseyandmarshall

Facebook; www.facebook.com/morrisseyandmarshall

Twitter; www.twitter.com/morandmar

Instagram; www.instagram.com/morrisseyandmarshall/

YouTube; www.youtube.com/user/morrisseyandmarshall

Website; www.morrisseyandmarshall.com


For more info about any of the groups, contact;  info@manillapr.com

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