Extra Fox at Lewes Castle (5)

Thursday 18th June Rescuers Trevor Weeks MBE and Chris Riddington from East Sussex WRAS were called out to Lewes Castle after members of the public grew concerned for the welfare of a fox on the roof.


Visitors to the castle were able to look down from the Keep and see the fox our stretched on the roof below.  Members of the public raised concerns with Castle staff as to whether the fox could get down, whether it was getting too hot, and whether due to visitors the fox was frightened to leave the roof, so staff called out East Sussex WRAS.


Rescuers visited the Castle Thursday afternoon and discovered the fox curled up in the shade asleep.

Extra Fox at Lewes Castle (2)

Rescuers were able to scale an embankment and climb onto the roof, but the fox quickly jumped up and ran across the roof.


“As I approached the fox ran along the roof out of site, then was seen running over the top back towards the Castle Embankment where it ran across the slope and out of sight” said Trevor.


“The fox was clearly the King of the Castle on this occasion and felt relaxed enough to enjoy a snooze on the roof believing it was not going to get disturbed.  We were able to see that the fox was fit and well when it got up and ran off” added Trevor.


“We get a lot of calls from people who see Foxes out during the day or asleep on flat roofs, people think foxes should be nocturnal but it is normal for them to come out during the day and night and they love sun bathing!”


Extra Fox at Lewes Castle (3)WRAS has been exceptionally busy this month with rescuers rushing round and working over 17 hours days frequently.  They are desperately in need of support both financially and voluntarily to help with orphan rearing, feeding and cleaning, rescuers and receptionist, if interested please e-mail Kathy@eastsussexwras.org.uk or go to their website http://wildlifeambulance.org/how-you-can-help/volunteering/



Trevor Weeks MBE

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