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The most attractive thing about the Fortina was when I turned my back and gazed at the view across the Sliema Creek to Valletta – well that was my first reaction!

But as they say, you can’t judge a book by the cover.

Outside, the hotel is a boring box, and the foyer isn’t any better. It really could do with some serious re-vamping. But read my next article about the inside!

The whole complex is privately owned by three brothers.

Carmen, the Spa Manager, led Jeni and me into the spa, below the hotel.

I’m sure you’re aware, Dear Regular Readers, that Malta is like a giant Swiss cheese, riddled with catacombs beneath the surface. Well, the spa was like being in the catacombs. Corridors led off in different directions, with doors on each side.

Malta & Richard lll 058 (Small)Think of a part of the body, inside or out, and there’s a treatment room for it in the Fortina Spa. It’s huge!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rented the whole spa for a day when Brad Pitt was filming in Malta.

I was taken away for my Parafango Full Body Treatment, while Jeni had an Indian Head Massage.

After being plastered in a mix of paraffin and mud, Ruth started wrapping me in clingfilm, which I found very funny.

Several years ago, friends of mine were invited to a party, which turned out to their horror to be a kinky party. And one of the men said he loved being wrapped in clingfilm! I don’t know why.

Malta & Richard lll 057 (Small)After that, I was wrapped in towels and left to toast for 20 minutes, while soothing spa music played.

Ruth then rubbed the mud off as it had dried to a powder, and I went in the spa whirlpool bath. I felt great!

I could have stayed in there for ages, but I was afraid of getting all wrinkled and undoing my lovely treatment.

Jeni loved her head massage. She went in the Meditation Room, but came straight out as there was a couple engrossed in meditating over each other!

We went in the steam room, then into another room which spurted out jets of lovely herbal steam every five minutes, like a tiny volcano.

Carmen returned to tell us she’d managed to book us half an hour in the Thalasso Pool, which is heavy with salt.

Malta & Richard lll 054 (Small)The hotel has its own seawater borehole. Fresh drinking water is filtered off, and the remaining brine goes in the pool.

It’s very good for arthritis and several other ailments. Some people don’t need their sticks any more after treatment.

The instructor told us various exercises to do, while he wandered off, marching up and down the outside corridor with his arms folded.

I’m used to instructors motivating everyone while upbeat music plays.

He returned and turned on powerful jets of water, then wandered off again. Then he came back and said our time was up, but we could stay as long as we wanted.

Two other ladies had joined us, and called after him, but he’d legged it.

They asked us to turn on the jets for them, which we did. Then we went to get changed.

We both felt refreshed and cleansed. I wish I could do it every week!

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Malta & Richard lll 060 (Small)