The end of the year is here and with it my favorite article of the year! This decision was not that difficult. My choice is an article other than the others. At least the number of jokes per 100 words is sharply higher. Soooo…


“Hi, my name is Kateřina Doubravová and I’m from the Czech Republic.”


You would not believe how much such a simple sentence could raise questions! From whether or not I think Czechoslovakia or how it speaks / reads the hook above the letter R.


Since I have traveled quite a bit despite my age, I have encountered many prejudices, myths or no knowledge of the Czech Republic. Sometimes they did not even know about the existence of my state. That’s why I decided to take this opportunity and write down some facts. In this case 10 fatcts. So let’s get started!


  1. Czechoslovakia no longer exists. Almost 25 years.


Czechoslovakia was formed after the breakup of Austria-Hungary in 1918. It operated in the years 1918 to 1939. After WWII in the years 1945 to 1992. We functioned both as a single state and as a federation (depending on the time period). Anyway in the year 1.1. 1993 two independent states were established – the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

PS: I plan an article about the history of Bohemia. So stay tuned!


  1. Czechs are not Chechen.


Chechnya has nothing to do with the Czech Republic. Except for a similar name.


  1. The Czechs do not speak Russian.


This assumption is quite common. But it is not true. Or at least it’s not our mother tongue. We have our beloved Czech language – one of the most difficult languages in the world!

But it should be noted that in the era of Communism in Czechoslovakia, Russian language was compulsory in all schools.


  1. Czech beer is the best!


The fact that Czech beer is one of the best in the world is well known. Of course, it is about individual preferences. It is our national beverage and you can find beer in the Czech Republic everywhere and always.


  1. Czechs love more singer Karel Gott than their president.


Karel Gott is a singer, actor and painter. He is a multiple winner of the Golden Nightingale and after 1996 the Czech Nightingale. He won a total of 41. It must be added that these awards are awarded once a year. But foreigners are not so excited about him. It’s just a typical Czech thing.

And Miloš Zeman? Well, our President is a very controversial person. There are enthusiasts but also lots of haters. That does not apply to our Karel Gott. Everybody here loves Karel Gott!



  1. Socks and sandals.


With some humor and exaggeration, we can say that this is our trend. Or at least we’re making fun of it. Countless times, I saw this fashion phenomenon live on the street. Practical, hygienic, comfortable but … terrible!


  1. Jaromír Jágr is our God!


Czechs are in most atheists. But we love hockey! So for us Jarda Jagr is literally God! Winner of the Olympic Hockey Tournament and World Championship. He still plays in the NHL (in age of 45) and twice won the Stanley Cup.


  1. Complaining is typical for us. Sadly.


We Czechs like to complain about everything possible. From the result of football to the political situation in our country or anywhere else, it really does not matter. We are complaining anyway.


  1. We know everything even if we do not know anything.


Every good Czech is the coach of hockey, football or biathlon from his couch. We also know exactly what is happening in Syria (even if no one else knows it). We know everything, we’ve been everywhere. And if we were not there, just because it’s not worth it.

  1. Sense of humor.

We have a specific sense of humor. If you do not mind, our jokes will fall in love. We are not afraid to make fun of ourselves or of things that are not too laughable. We’re just like that.

So I hope you understand that even this article is written with some form of exaggeration and can not be taken too seriously. But that is exactly what we are Czechs – we are not too serious and we are kidding from everything – above all from ourselves.


This is the end of the original article. And as a late Christmas gift, I have five more points here!


  1. Have you ever heard of Nagano?

Well, I have. For at least 5418719572 times. The Olympic Games in Nagano (1998) are a heart issue for us. OG your ice hockey team will not win every day, I know. But what if our hockey players had won something else we could hear about the next 20 years? What about Pyeongchang hah?


  1. Literature

In our history many excellent writers are recognized internationally. Kafka, Hašek, Čapek, Seifert, Kundera and many others. We are very proud of most of them. And most of us have never read them. (But I’m exception, of course.)

  1. Václav Havel

Here jokes aside! This man was a real class! He was never afraid to say his point. His plays were and are being played on Broadway. He was the first president of the Czech Republic. True icon.

  1. Miloš Zeman

Aaaand we go to the next president! Well, what about Milos? He is our current president. Which may change in a few months. Elections are coming. It could be said that in many ways he resembles its people – loves alcohol and cigarettes, stands behind his opinion (sometimes too much), bad and inappropriate humor (note – presidential speeches may not be funny Milos, advice for the next).

  1. Potato salad lovers

A typical Christmas meal? Potato salad and fish. It sounds healthy and dietary. Yes, it sounds. Just sounds. You can make it practically from the left in the fridge but do not touch us on the potato salad! (Or you will be stoned by people on twitter! Just a friendly warning.)


I hope you like my article and have a nice new year!