For those of you in the rest of the world who have been lucky enough not to have had it rammed down your throat for most of this year, the UK is apparently voting on Thursday whether to stay as members of the European Union, or whether to pull out and become an independent country again.

Why do I say ‘apparently’? Read on, Dear Readers!

I love Europe. I’ve never been to a country there that I didn’t like. I love their individuality. Every country is different.

I also love a day in London. I enjoy its liveliness. But then I like to get on a train and come home to my own house.

It would be horrendous if our town became part of London! I’d move away from it.eu2

We Brits love clichés and abbreviations, so it’s become known as Brexit; British Exit.

Day after day, Politicians with serious, sincere faces have been bombarding us with opposite opinions.

They can’t all be telling the truth, can they?

On the other hand, when do they ever tell us mere mortals the truth?

How do you know when the Prime Minister’s lying? His lips are moving!

Boris Johnson, Brexit supporter

Boris Johnson, Brexit supporter

Apparently, if we leave the EU, all our toenails will fall out (they haven’t actually said that yet, but I’m expecting someone to say it any day now.) Nobody will ever phone the UK again, our cars will stand rusting in rows in the factory car-parks, and we’ll all be living in caves again. And if gangs of Terrorists are on their way to invade us, none of the European countries will bother to let us know as we’re not part of their exclusive gang!

My favourite rubbish talker was the head of BT (British Telecom) who said that unemployment would rise drastically in Britain if we leave the EU.

Why is it rubbish? Because around half of  BT workers live and work in India!

eu5Several years after George W Bush lost the elections and demanded recounts until he finally won, I saw a man interviewed who claimed that he wrote the computer programme that fiddled the results enabling Bush to win. He said that it’s an easy programme.

If we leave the EU, politicians connected with the EU, who have been able to use it as a bottomless money box, will be far worse off and will have to work for a living.

Guess which way they will vote?

There are some non-elected, powerful, evil people in control of the EU – and they’re not necessarily all Europeans!

We’ll never escape from their clutches. They have too much to gain personally from us.

Another worrying thing is all the disgusting threats and hate mail on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And we were all shocked and horrified by the murder of the lovely MP Jo Cox.

Everyone has the right to an opinion and Great Britain is proud of our Democracy.

Just go in any British pub and hear the debating going on!

I’m sure that what’s going on in the background is much more serious than the average person realises

Many people, not all Politicians, have been disposed of through the years if they’ve upset the smooth flow of things, asked too many questions, or if they’ve been whistleblowerss.

In the USA it’s cynically known as Death by Suicide. But in the UK, heart attacks are a popular means of disposal.

Then there are the strange plane & car crashes.

eu4Princess Diana’s death was possibly caused by what’s known as Boston Brakes, when the car’s brakes have a device attached to them. An equipped passing vehicle can freeze the brakes, causing a fatal crash.

Study the faces of people like David Cameron and see if they look scared.

Maybe he’s been politely threatened in some way if he doesn’t do as he’s told.

Even if we all vote to Exit, either the stats will disappear for a while to be altered, or the results will be completely ignored, or they’ll call for another election, saying that most of the young people didn’t vote as they couldn’t be bothered, so we need to give them another chance to vote. .

Those in favour of Brexit have pulled in front now, and are growing by the day.

We have a song, Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves.

Britains never never never shall be slaves.

But I firmly believe that we are slaves.

No way will we be allowed to break away from Europe, whatever the results are!