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As the 6th season is frantically awaited by millions of fans worldwide it still is time to revise what we learned during the five previous seasons. From 8 to 12 September the “Game of Thrones” exhibition will end its international journey in Paris at the Louvre. So if you happen to be in Paris and if you missed its previous stops in London, Berlin, Amsterdam or Stockholm get one last chance to see this spectacular exhibition. And last but not least the entrance is free which is an amazing rarity in a French museum…

Dragon Stuffy 'Drogon' ©Helen Sloan

Dragon Stuffy ‘Drogon’ ©Helen Sloan

It seems that this enthralling series meets success everywhere in the world finding an audience in different countries with different cultures such as China, Arabia, South Africa … and across all five continents, brings to light our collective imagination. Feeling of love and hate, friendship and betrayal, honour and ambition seem to be universal values. If only our best loved and best hated characters wouldn’t die so soon! What a Machiavellian mind is Georges R.R. Martin’s!

Joffrey's Crown ©Ashley Sears

Joffrey’s Crown ©Ashley Sears

The exhibition is the unique opportunity to see real costumes worn by Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, by Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, by Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark or by Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister among many others. If we can admire them on our TV screens, being able to get close to all the tiny details of each costume makes us even more admiring. Imagined by the talented British costume designer Michele Clapton and preciously hand embroidered and decorated by Michele Carragher, each dress, each coat or cloak is a masterpiece that could be compared with Haute Couture outfits.

The Mountain's armour ©Helen Sloan

The Mountain’s armour ©Helen Sloan

Skilful craftsmen created genuine swords, armours, helmets, bows and other weapons that look more than real, giving a sense of authenticity to the series. You will be able to hold some of them and get unusual selfies posing next to a life size replica of a White Walker or one of Daenerys’ dragons. But the very best photo might well be the one where you sit on the Iron Throne!

King's Landing ©HBO

King’s Landing ©HBO

Ascending the Wall is the main attraction of the exhibition. Wearing a helmet-mounted display Oculus Rift you will climb the 215 meters high Wall moving in virtual reality. Going up in the Wall elevator you will feel all the jolts, hear all the creaking of the machine and see the top of the Wall getting closer and closer. Would you think that the Free Folk are waiting for you?

Beyond the Wall, a White Walker ©HBO

Beyond the Wall, a White Walker ©HBO

We may wonder if D.B. Weiss and David Benioff the two showrunners of the series envisioned such a tremendous infatuation when they created it but I guess all their fans feel grateful for all the emotions they live when watching the show. Having only 12 episodes for each season might well be the only criticism fans can make!

The Iron Throne ©HBO

The Iron Throne ©HBO

Although entrance is free to the exhibition booking is highly recommended. Please contact www.gotexhibit.com

Virtual ascend of the wall ©HBO

Virtual ascend of the wall ©HBO


Text © Annick Dournes & Frederic de Poligny

Photos courtesy of HBO

9-Ned Stark's Sword ©Ashley Sears










Oberyn Martell's armour Exhibition ©Helen Sloan

Oberyn Martell’s armour Exhibition ©Helen Sloan