On Friday night a few early labour twinges began and I did what all women in this situation would do, I got dressed, popped my heels on and applied my lipstick and headed out for dinner.

So my hubbie and I went out for dinner with our three children, knowing that we were in for a long night.

Part way through the meal, my contraction pains began to really kick in and so we headed to Aberystwyth prom to treat the children to an ice cream before , packing them off to a close friends and myself to hospital

As I sat eating an ice cream on the prom and admiring the beautiful sky, I couldn’t help wondering how long it would be before a newest arrival would be with us, but one thing was for certain, as the contraction pains got to ten minutes apart it was time to make a move.

Arriving at the hospital at around half past ten, there was thankfully time for a nice cup of tea before the delights of labor really set in.

At 3.10am I delivered a perfect breach baby and with the safe delivery of our daughter, Beatrice came the need for that Great British Tradition: tea




I’m sure that all our Readers wish you well, Seren.