It is easy to take things and loved ones for granted. We all do it to some extent, but lately I have been reflecting on this and also on the work life balance.

Life in recent months has been heavy on the work front, I’ve had a book to write, plenty of other deadlines and interviews to give. Whilst in the thick of deadlines , earning a living and the daily,  domestic chaos of four children it’s easy to focus on the ‘to do list’ and stop taking pleasure in all the small things and to forget to be grateful for everything good in life.

I have felt in recent months that there has been an imbalance in my life and that it’s become increasingly weighted towards work with very little time for play. I heard myself saying ‘I don’t have time’, and ‘I can’t take time becausevive got too much to do’. Even being heavily pregnant didn’t slow down my work pace,  but life has a way of making you take time and reassess your priorities and this is something I recently experienced first hand.


The end of my pregnancy was littered with medical concerns and I had a few trips to hospital, however, when my beautiful baby boy was born, I thought my worries were over. My first son to go with my four beautiful daughters, I was delighted. He was earlier than expected but weighed a respectable 6.5llbs and perfect in every way as newborns are to their mothers.

Work was set to resume pretty swiftly after my sons birth, but when he became lethargic and not wanting to feed all plans were pushed to one side.

I’m still in hospital with baby Myles and over the past week I’ve watched his tiny little body hooked up to drips, monitors and pumped with antibiotics. The simple home comforts of being with my girls and husband suddenly have a new importance, I now realise how important these simple things were and how I took them for granted.

IMAGTo say I am pining for home would be an under statement. Frightened and scared for Myles I’ve missed having my husband to hold my hand or just say ‘it will be fine’, I’ve even missed bedtime battles and morning breakfast chaos.

I’ve been forced to put everything on hold and I have realised that deadlines are not the most important thing and the importance of saying no.

I love all of my children dearly, and I am also extremely lucky to have a supportive husband who is a fantastic father to all five of them, but I have been guilty of taking this for granted. So, to the man that makes sure our children are happy whilst mummy is in hospital with our new baby and that I’ve got cake to cheer me up and decent coffee whilst away from home, thank you.

Hopefully I’ll be home with Myles in the next week, and I’ll be making sure I carve out more time for fun with my young family.