It’s finally Christmas Eve, and hopefully you can now breathe a sigh of relief as you’ve made it through all the hustle and bustle of the build up to Christmas.  Christmas Eve is the day when I get all the last minute preparations out of the day and indulge in a little Christmas spirit.

It’s almost time to relax and soak up the excitement and meaning of Christmas Day and I like to  spend Christmas Eve getting in the festive mood. I don’t spend Christmas Eve rushing around the shops or even wrapping up presents, but I do like to indulge in a few Christmas Eve traditions.

It is traditional in our household to do a spot of Christmas baking on Christmas Eve and to prep all the vegetables for the festive dinner, whilst listening to the Christmas crooners. We don’t have an open fire anymore so our tradition of go for a woodland walk and selecting a yule log is out of the window this year, instead we’ll light a very nice cinnamon candle as we reflect on all the good and happy memories of 2019.  Then as I warm up some of my home made mulled wine, we all write down our wishes for the New Year which we place in a Kilner Jar, before opening last years wishes and reading them.

Before the children head off to bed, they pop some food out for the reindeers and leave Santa a mince pie and a tipple. Once the children are all tucked up in bed, my husband and I launch into footprint making activities, making sure that the evidence of Santa and his reindeers is clear before we place the Christmas presents under the tree and raise a festive glass.

Christmas day in our house involves a nice glass of something sparkling and a good breakfast, before the wrapping paper fiasco that is four children unwrapping their presents.  We typically, have Christmas dinner around three O’clock and then have a spot of cold, but delicious supper in the evening.  I love Christmas and as its the time of year that I met my husband it is that little bit more magical. Indeed Christmas Eve was when my husband and I went on our second date and held hands for the first time as we took a moonlit walk to a very noisy pub.  To me that evening was more magical than any scene of a Christmas film and would beat any John Lewis Christmas advert.

Whatever, you spend your Christmas Eve doing have a wonderful time and a very merry Christmas