Well, in case anyone isn’t up to speed with my news I am expectng a new baby and so in March 2020
    our family unit will become seven strong. My life is chaotic, but in a good way. There are days when I
    crave ten minutes in the loo alone or would love to read a sentence without interruption from one or all
    of my children, but I wouldn’t change having four children, because I love the crazy journey of
    motherhood. and in my life that there are never, ever enough hours in the day and raising four young
    children and running a business with my husband means that at tmes life can be busy and sometimes
    it’s just a case of taking every moment as it comes.
    IMAGI am pleased about the news of a new baby, admittedly a little daunted as it does mean a little more
    juggling on the work life balance, but things will dovetail somehow, but let me be honest, announcing baby
    #5 is not a joyful thing, in fact it is really difficult and a little awkward. After my second child, Olivia people were already saying
    things like, ‘is that it now?’ When I announced my third pregnancy, I was met with snide comments such as ‘I think you’re mad
    having another’ and ‘what do you want to do that for?’. It becomes difficult to want to share your news and joy with others when
    people make childish jokes, talk behind your back, or voice their worries and concerns, which usually come in the format of ‘how
    will you cope?’ There is never any offer of help or assistance it’s just said as if to gauge whether I am aware that I have more
    than one child already. It gets a little tiring to hear the same “you’ve got your hands full” comment over and over again during
    every single family outing. But, as I brace myself for how other may respond I always remind myself that my children are a
    blessing not a burden and that whatever, challenges I face in life I am truly blessed to have four beautiful daughters and another
    on the way.
    IMAGI am very thankful to my husband who shrugs off the negative comments about our family size and even when tired and suffering
    from frayed patience is always there with an encouraging word. I know I have many years still ahead of hearing negative
    comments, attacking the size of our family or the way we teach our children, but I also know that my daughters are kind,
    thoughtful and imaginative individuals who’s minds are open and who get to expand ,travel and explore.
    It is perhaps needless to say that I incredibly grateful to those who do show support and who share our joy and embrace our
    happy chaos. I cannot help think that in this busy, modern world their is a great lack of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and
    equanimity. I think society makes new motherhood so hard, in many cases it is easy for new mothers to become isolated, but I
    also feel that there is a prevailing attitude that says once a woman becomes a mother it excludes her from all other roles. I find
    that I am constantly challenged and questioned about my ability to work and be a mother to my children, these are things that
    do not happen when a man becomes a father.
    So I shall raise a large mug of herbal tea to the ups and downs of being a working mum to a slightly larger than average family
    and to squeezing in another little bundle to my rather full nest.