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Greetings from down under where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex  Royal Tour is taking place, highlighting some of the beautiful locations that can be had for that special holiday in Australia.

Queensland – Fraser Island known by Aboriginal people as ‘K’gari’ meaning paradise.

This unique destination is one of the favourite resorts to visit and spend a private vacation, and one that you will not forget. With a rich Aboriginal history being over eight hundred thousand years old and is UNESCO World Heritage Listed.

It has extensive lush eucalyptus rainforest which enhances the fragrance of the island, making it immediately captivating.

A wealth of wildlife, including wallabies, turtles, possums, echidnas and flying possum, it is also home to 325 species of exotic birds, making it a photographer’s paradise.

Water Dragon Big Boy

There are around 25-30 packs of the purest strain of dingoes which roam the island freely and are protected. These beautiful animals are exceedingly clever.

It also has 100 freshwater lakes to swim in, rainbow coloured sands formed from erosion, and each year the shores of Fraser Island are a popular place for the humpback whales to rest and nurse their new born calves.

It is known to be the largest sand island in the world.

Fraser Island is found 300km north of Brisbane, along the southern coast of Queensland in Australia. Because of its location, visitors can bask in glorious sunlight and clear sparkling water all year round.

With a pleasantly hot climate, the island has an average temperature of 15 degrees in the winter and 30 degrees in the summer. It is highly reputed for its accommodation and excellent camping spots, especially around its numerous stunning lakes.

The island is easily accessible from Australia, whether you choose to go by ferry, train, road or helicopter.

Lake McKenzie also known as Boorangoora, is located on Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland. Its crystal clear water and sparkling white sand combine to rank this lake among the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Access to Lake McKenzie is by ferry, located approximately 300klm north of Brisbane, both vehicle barges and passenger-only service carry visitors to Fraser Island.

Lake McKenzie is best known for its swimming and sun bathing opportunities. The water’s purity, acidity and low nutrient levels make it a poor fish habitat. Freshwater fish that do live in Boorangoora, or any Fraser Island Lake are protected so fishing is not permitted. Species found on the island include eels, herring, catfish, hardy heads, rainbow fish, blue eyes, perch and gudgeon.

Lake McKenzie is one of over 40 permanent lakes on Fraser Island of the few dozen perched lakes known to exist worldwide; Fraser Island holds about half of them.

In addition to the beauty of Lake McKenzie the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park lies off the northern end of Fraser Island. Listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef covers an amazing 1,600 miles (2.600km). Water enthusiasts can enjoy scenic boat charters or kayak, snorkel, and scuba dive for close encounters with sea life living around the world’s largest coral reef.

A month’s holiday is what you really need to fully take in the beauty of McKenzie Lake, Fraser Island and the surrounding reef.

Here at Shelly Beach everyone is gearing up for Christmas and the influx of tourists.  The Lifesavers are busy teaching the Little Nippers how to swim and take care in the water.  The whale watchers are still at Crackneck Lookout checking the scene, and Princess Pixie the Pomeranian is watching out for her friendly blue necked lizard.

I have had printed my ‘ Happy Cards ‘ designed to make you smile, and folk seem to enjoy them.  I am also busy painting for the next exhibition “Women in Art”.

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Cheers. Patricia.