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Ranjit Recommends: Brigit Bakery Afternoon Bus Tour

Red double decker London buses are often synonymous with overbearing crowds of commuters and never-ending journeys.


However, Brigit Bakery Afternoon Bus (L’Afternoon Tea with a French twist) Tour presents an infinitely more soothing and indeed charming way to endure a bus ride through the epicentre of the storied city that London is.


Departure points are either from Trafalgar Square or Victoria Coach Station throughout the week. Consequently, you are already surrounded by history and culture before your journey begins.

Upon boarding the bus an opulence of flowers are fashionably aligned along the sidewalls and given an extra glow with the presence of spotlights.


Now it is time to delve into the sumptuous Afternoon Tea presented in such a way where you may find you are face down for longer than anticipated as you indulge in a plethora of nibbles, ranging from mini cupcakes to finely cut sandwiches.


A very nice touch is the personalised Brigit Bakery cup that is placed in its holder to ensure that no matter what you are drinking it can be done in a steady manner whether a hot or cold beverage! The service provided by the onboard staff is a welcome combination of humour and hospitality.

The bus ride lasts approximately 90 minutes and your London fact file will keep pace with the journey as you pass by London’s longstanding landmarks.


The Afternoon Tea does not conclude upon completion of the tour as you are provided with takeaway bags to pack any unfinished food items. Therefore you are guilt free in the knowledge that whether you have eaten too much or too little, nothing gets left behind!


Furthermore, should you be wanting to experience all of the above on your wedding day or with a group of party goers, then Brigit Bakery Afternoon Bus Tour can turn it into the bus of your dreams. To view all options available and book onboard please click here



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