‘It’s hot.’ I’m hearing from France and the UK. As well as ‘enjoy it, it’s the first blue sky we’ve seen in weeks.’ That from the north of England. I could say the opposite here in dry ol’ dusty Spain, be nice to see some clouds! So yes, it’s hot here in northern Andalucia. The earth is hard, the foliage golden brown and the olive trees – well olive green, yet in the heat of the day they look more silvery as the leaves turn so that the paler silver undersides reflect the sun. Nature always amazes me.


Patio View

Patio View


I am a nature lover, I live in the outback, but when the dog does her huffy growl then I know it’s something I won’t like. Usually a snake. So when son number three came home for lunch and stopped outside the back door saying ‘ Snaaake’ my toes curled. Oh, that I was still socked and booted from my morning walk but no. With bare toes and sandals I slowly ventured outside hoping it had long gone. It had, but it had also been too close to the house for my liking. Thank goodness for the mesh fly screen door, which helps keep out the dog, cat (that’s a new addition) chickens and snakes as well as flies, mice and rats – oh, the joys of the countryside.



Through the Mesh

Through the Mesh


So what has been happening here? Well we’ve been adopted. One morning I greeted a kitten through my bedroom window mesh. My bedroom is semi-underground! I went outside and there a mewing little beast greeted me purring, not even bothered that the dog was very bothered. She wound around my outstretched hand up on the log pile. Hubby came out to see why the dog was making such a fuss.


I stepped away saying ‘that is the problem’ pointing to the skinny little thing and very much expecting him to shoo it off, but no! He stroked it.Gob smacked I watched as kitty purred and hubby (almost) did too. So now we have a kitten. (I do hope it’ll be a good hunter!)


Almost Friends

Almost Friends now


It came. It stayed. It conquered hubby and the dog. It eats the chickens mash and well that’s that. Another mouth to feed. But another female one, so the balance has really tipped now – 4 males, hubby, 3 sons (although 1 son is part-time and the other now moved out) and me, 3 hens, one dog and one cat = 6 females. Enough is enough.



The Girls

The Girls


With this surge of heat I have to go out walking by 8am or it’s just too unbearably warm by 9.30. Yet again I’m a fair weather walker! In England I didn’t go out in the rain and now the heat keeps me prisoner. Thank goodness there’s a pool to use otherwise, like the forecast of 40 and 41c this weekend there’d be a lot of staying indoors.


Last weekend it was Corpus Christi, this year 20th June. Apparently it’s celebrated on the eighth Thursday after Easter. A Roman Catholic tradition where the consecrated host is processed through the streets. Some towns and cities have quite spectacular celebrations others not so grand. In Granada the festival has over time merged with the annual fair or feria, a huge event on the city’s calendar.


Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi street art

The city streets used to be decked in greenery which the surrounding towns and villages had to supply and theatre groups followed the Corpus Christi processions. These days some of the smaller towns decorate the streets for the procession. Such a lot of work to then be walked over and destroyed in minutes. I once came across the town’s people of Bujalance in Cordoba province at work preparing the cobbles with a work of art…..

Such a shame to destroy it so soon after finishing, I was rather pleased I couldn’t stay for that.


And finally to where I left off last week (camper van visiting) … it was great to see an old VW camper van but sadly it was very rusty and an absolute no go for us. We’re still looking, still wondering motor home or camper van but now it’s summer we’ll just sit back and relax a little more between changeovers at Casa El Reguelo our holiday home, writing/blogging and the wearying heat.



See you in two weeks….


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