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Mumbai Memoir 154 – Mumbai re-kindles its spirit!


Hoping to explore Mumbai like I did before the pandemic

There was an anxious vibe as the month of October arrived. The striking of the 3rd wave of Corona virus was expected to hit Mumbai by October 2021. As October is almost ending and the 1st week of November is soon arriving, which is the Diwali week, I see Mumbai bouncing back to its earlier spirit.diw3

Colourful lights in the backdrop over the Gateway of India

Though the festival of Diwali is traditionally a Hindu festival, but it is celebrated by all religions and communities in India. There are so many non-Hindu vendors who are dealers of fire-crackers, lamps and clothes that national integration is best seen at such festive times.


Along with (Late) Mr. Boman Kohinoor , the owner of Brittania and Company, a restaurant at Ballard Pier.

Diwali is a symbolic celebration of the end of darkness and the welcoming of light, thus the lamps are lit on a New Moon night, which marks the 1st day of Diwali. It’s a time to reflect about all the evils and dark things that have been faced in the past and move on with a positive spirit. Its about focusing and appreciating on the goodness that we still have with us.diw2

My mom with her Rangoli design in front of my home.

According to recent research 80-85% people of Mumbai have got immune to the corona virus thus indicating that the city has attained good level of ‘crowd immunity’. This is a mass victory, due to which there are less chances of the 3rd wave of the virus to hit. And even if it does, I believe it may do less damage. diw5

Historical site at Ballard Estate in Fort, Mumbai

Just like Lord Rama returned to his abode after defeating the Demon King Ravana on the Diwali day, similarly I see Mumbai victoriously returning to its earlier spirit by fighting the ‘demon virus’ and its variants, so far. Above are selected photographs from my collection which depict the happy spirit of Mumbai and its locations, which I believe have got re-kindled on the eve of Diwali.


Happily Frying ‘Malpua’ (sweet preparation) with a ‘chacha’ at Bhendi Bazar, Mumbai

Photo Courtesy: Shraddha Sankulkar and Aditya Chichkar.