MalDia Cominos crystal clear Blue Lagoon

Cominos crystal clear Blue Lagoon




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MalDia A paradise of blue sea

A paradise of blue sea

Great Britain is on its way out of the European Union – and I don’t for one moment blame them. Others may be in line – and I don’t blame them either. European Union – what Union? The SOLE unification is that Germany and France dictate the rule to the best of their interests and the rest have to perforce follow through.

MalDia Another side of Comino Island

Another side of Comino Island

Last week Malta was straddled with a further 350 illegal immigrants who were “rescued” and thus a vastly over-populated island and the smallest state in the EU continues to be overloaded, flooded by thousands as a result of the EU’s Schengen (responsible for the majority of foreigners), illegal immigrants and others. And the EU – what is the EU doing about all this – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So much for unification and solidarity!

MalDia Boating and yachting most popular

Boating and yachting most popular

To be fair and balanced, there are some upsides. Malta has obtained a lot of development funds that otherwise it could not afford on its own. Some health and safety regulations are also beneficial and positive, as are educational exchanges, as well as safety regulations in food processing and the use of chemicals.

MalDia Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

A recent announcement by the EU’s European Agency for the Environment provided an excellent certificate for Malta and Gozo, a virtual 99% rating that Malta’s swimming zones have excellent water quality.

MalDia Melliehas Ghadira Bay Maltas largest sandy bay

Melliehas Ghadira Bay Maltas largest sandy bay

Cyprus was rated in top spot with 99.1% excellence clarity and cleanliness, followed by Malta with 98.9% – and these compared to the European average which was recorded as 85.1%. Disconcertedly, bottom place went to Poland with just under 60%.

MalDia Wied Babu in Zurrieq in the south of Malta

Wied Babu in Zurrieq in the south of Malta

According to the Agency’s report, 87 swimming zones from around Malta and Gozo underwent a thorough sea water analysis of which 86 rated an excellent result with only one locality in Xlendi, Gozo, being given a slightly lesser mark although still perfectly suitable and safe as a public swim zone.

MalDia Off for a lovely day at sea

Off for a lovely day at sea

Thus, for the third successive year, Malta placed in second spot in the latest 2018 analysis.


Last year the Agency inspected and analysed over 20,000 swimming zones in 30 countries throughout Europe and the classification given as excellent, good, sufficient or downright bad.

MalDia Armier Bay in Malta

Armier Bay in Malta

In its analysis report the Agency emphasised that swallowing bad quality sea water can have very negative effects on health, particularly nausea as well as acute stomach pains.


A total of 298 zones were given the downright bad classification, the majority of them in Poland.

MalDia Wied il Ghasri in Gozo

Wied il Ghasri in Gozo

Of equally positive result for Malta in the final report was that the continuing improvements in Malta’s sea water are the direct result of continual investment through Malta’s Water Services Corporation and their use of drainage purification projects, helping to place Malta and Gozo in the forefront.

MalDia Snorkelling in Malta

Snorkelling in Malta

In recent years Malta has had a tremendous tourism boost and blue seas and blue skies have a lot to do with it. Water sports and water activities are a major drawing factor ranging from general swimming to sub aqua sea diving, water skiing and paragliding, boating and yachting as well as underwater photography and the viewing and exploration of a great number of underwater wrecks.

MalDia Ramla Bay in Gozo

Ramla Bay in Gozo

Among the foremost bays is Comino’s Blue Lagoon, a sea of pure blue, but also bays like Mellieħa’s Għadira Bay, Armier Bay, Golden Bay, Paradise Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay in the north of Malta, while Ramla Bay, Ħondoq ir-Rummien, Wied Għasri and Marsalforn excel in Gozo.

MalDia Hondoq ir Rummien Bay in Gozo

Hondoq ir Rummien Bay in Gozo

Well, the beginning of June has brought an upturn in the weather and it seems that summer is on the way at last with temperatures hovering about the 35 degrees Celsius – so what better remedy than to take to the blue Mediterranean Sea and enjoy every moment of it?

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“Not everything is roses and orange blossom water”

A remark made when everything seems to be going well; a reminder that to life’s upsides there are also the downsides.

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