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Magazine Recipe Test Sheet

unnamedThose of you who create your own recipes may find this useful.

Several years ago I won a Recipe Competition in a Woman’s Magazine, Good Housekeeping.

Apart from a lovely cash prize, I was a guest for the day in their Head  Office. And they showed me their kitchen where they test all recipes.

Each recipe is made four times, each time by a different chef, and the last time is for the photos.

They gave me a copy of their Magazine Recipe Test Sheet.

Name of tester                                                                         Date of test

Recipe title/feature title/author

Number of people served                                                      Is the number of people correct?

Which oven was used for testing?

Has the recipe been tested in metric?

Are all the ingredients in the list mentioned in the recipe- and vice versa?

Do he ingredients appear in the order in which they’re used in the method?

Dose recipe state which egg size has been used?

Are metric/imperial conversions correct, according to GH chart?

Are all the equipment sizes correct?

Are the oven temperatures/conversions correct?

Do cooling/chilling/marinating times need to be added in the preparation time?

Are the cooking times correct?

Have the total cooking times been added up and checked?

Doe the finished recipe reflect the title?

Is the recipe suitable for vegetarians?

Is there a lighter option?

Can recipe be prepared/frozen ahead? If so, does it say so at the top of the recipe and have ‘Prepare ahead/freeze ahead/to use’ instructions been included at the end?

Have problem areas been resolved with the author?

Is a raw egg warning needed?                     (If so, please add to copy)

Does anything need to be removed at the end of the cooking (eg a bay leaf)?

Have the finished dish (eg the way the vegetables are sliced/what’s included in the dish/how it is arranged on the plate)  and the garnishes been checked against the transparency?



Do the oven temperatures correspond throughout the feature?

Do the recipes all serve the same number of people?

Have ALL THE STEPS FROM EACH RECIPE been included in countdown?

Has the wine copy been added in?


I’ve found this list very useful to refer to when creating a new recipe.