dried figs

Home dried figs

This recipe is one I play with depending on what dried fruit is in the cupboard. Usually I have dried figs, which I dry myself in the Andalusian sunshine, sometimes I have dried grapes too. Shop bought raisins, sultanas or currants and if you like it mixed peel work well too. I´ve often thought about adding walnuts or almonds that we have in abundance but I know I would get told off for altering an ´approved´ recipe.

Because the dried figs are pretty hard, not as hard as the first year I attempted them and all but burnt them making sure they were really dry, I usually soak them in tea. You could change this for Brandy, Sherry, Rum whatever is your choice or use no liquid at all with shop bought fruit if you prefer a drier cake.

This year was my eldest´s 30th and although he doesn’t live at home now I made him a fruit cake. Long gone are the times when every son´s birthday I would have to make a sponge cake, usually chocolate for the non fruit cake likers (me included!) and a fruit cake for the non likers of fluffy sponges!

I have to note I never got one or the other on my birthday´s but not having to eat cake is not a bad thing!

Sorry about the pounds and ounces, I´ve copied it from my recipe book.  I do work in metric too, my scales have both, but I´ve never bothered converting the measurements. Am I showing my age here?

Easiest Fruit Cake Recipe

10oz plain flour

1 tsp mixed spice

3/4 tsp mixed spice

6oz butter

6oz dark brown sugar (or whatever type you have but the darker the better)

11oz dried fruit 

2 1/2oz black treacle ( golden syrup is ok too but use less sugar with it)

5 fl oz milk


Sift flour, spice and baking powder into a bowl. Rub in soft butter, add sugar and fruit. Mix in treacle and milk. Grease tin (round 8 inch tin works well) and bake at 180ºC for 1.5 – 2 hours I have written down but I think it takes half that or less. When a skewer pushed into the mixture comes out clean it is done. You might need to put some greaseproof paper of foil on the top part way through cooking so it doesn’t ´over brown´ on the top.

Cool, Eat and Enjoy!

Don´t forget to come back and leave a comment if you try it and like it.

C-U soon.