Last week I went to the Christmas Open Day at my friends’ dairy.

I hadn’t seen Mark and Sarah since I went to their Cheese-making Day

The High Weald Dairy makes 25 different cheeses, but they sometimes have limited editions, so do check out their website from time to time. And get your name added to receive their Newsletter.

Most of their cheeses have won awards.

We were greeted by Mark with a glass of Mulled Cider, or Mulled Apple Juice from the neighbouring Black Pig Orchards in Danehill which went down well as it was cold outside, and Cheese!

All the cheeses were set out around the room, with tasters, and after tasting them, nobody could resist buying them.
You could make up your own Hampers, using a selection of High Weald Dairy cheeses, and they make ideal Gifts for all the family. There will be a lot of happy families this Christmas!
There were other locally made foods to add to your Hampers;
Chutneys from Ouse Valley
Cider and Apple Juice from Black Pig Orchards in Danehill.

Henry of Black Pig Orchards telling cheesy jokes

Cheeseboards, baskets and boxes and also Cheese Course Gift Vouchers, for the budding Cheese maker in the Family!

Short Tours of the Dairy and Maturing room, to see where the cheese is made and an idea of the cheese making process were very popular, with a waiting queue all the time.


Coming up in 2019 apart from the Cheese Tours and Cheesemaking Workshops, are Cheese Matching Days, showing how to taste and match cheese and other local foods with a selection of drinks.

These will be held in the Cheese Barn, with tea or coffee on arrival, a talk about cheese, a tour of the Dairy and teaching the art of tasting and the alchemy that is matching food with drink.

This costs £45 per person and will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Knowing how popular these events are, I suggest early booking.

It would also make a great present for someone who is hard to buy gifts for!

High Weald Dairy
Tremains Farm
Horsted Keynes
West Sussex
RH17 7EA



If you buy the popular Halloumi, here’s my selection of Halloumi recipes;

And finally, forget Christmas Cracker Jokes. How about Cheese and Cracker Jokes for a change?

What cheese do you use to disguise a small horse; Mascorpone


What is cheese made backwards; Edam


Did you hear what happened when the cheese factory exploded; there was de brie everywhere


What is a wood pecker’s favourite cheese; Pecorino


Did you hear about the Greek man who kept eating cheese.

He got Feta and feta and feta!

All together now;