Hookah smoke in a glass on a grey background with hookah tube


I love Halloween and apart from  carving pumpkins and baking spooky treats. I love to decorate my home with Halloween decorations and mix up a frightful cocktail or two.

The Witching Hour

This cocktail may be best enjoyed at the witching hour, but be warned one sip and you’ll be bewitched.


  • 1jigger calvados
  • 1tsp grenadine
  • 2jiggers blackberry vodka
  • Martini glass to serve


Cocktail shaker




  1. Place the calvados, blackberry vodka and ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake rigorously
  2. Strain the drink into a martini glass.
  3. Pour 1 tsp of grenadine syrup, about an inch from the surface of the drink – the grenadine should sink to the bottom, creating a “bleeding” effect.
  4. If you frost the rim of your martini glass before pouring in your drink it is most effective.




Black Magic


This is a super simple cocktail recipe that is always popular with guests as it creates a fabulously deep black drink



  • 2 jiggers Black Vodka
  • 20 ml Freshly Squeezed Lime
  •  20 ml sugar Syrup
  • Ice



Into a cocktail shaker add in your sugar syrup, lime juice, and black vodka. Fill with ice. Give it a hard shake for 30 seconds. Pour cocktail into your glass  and serve.


Happy Halloween and a spooky chin chin!