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Due to the Covid-19 epidemic the 2020 edition of the Spirit of Speyside Festival had to be cancelled. To support the local community Glenfiddich offers for sale 450 rare bottles of a single cask whisky. It will be an online auction from 17 to 22 June 2020. A great opportunity for whisky lovers worldwide to enjoy a rare nectar while doing a good deed.

This sale auction is organized in collaboration with Whisky Auctioneer to help local charities.  Speyside is the largest whisky production area of the world and 2020 was to be the 21st edition of its festival. Taking place every year on the first weekend of May this festival has become a major event in the world of whisky connoisseurs. It offers local professionals an major opportunity to sell their products and its cancellation means the loss of this important source of income for many of them.

The speyside Spirit Festival the perfect time to visit old distilleries

The speyside Spirit Festival the perfect time to visit old distilleries

This is the reason why Glenfiddich proposes 450 bottles of a 2007 whisky all coming from one single cask N° 25427.This cask has been especially chosen by Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich’s cellar master. The auction revenue will be fully donated to three different charities and to people most affected by the Covid-19. The full name of this whisky is “Spirit of Speyside Distillery Edition 2020″ and pays tribute to William Grant founder of the distillery in Dufftown in 1887.

The 25427 cask was aged for 13 years in a sherry barrel in the darkness of the cellar N° 26 of the distillery before being bottled at an unusually high alcohol level of 65,7°. Through the years this rare whisky developed a mild and sweet taste with rich and fruity aromas of apple, citrus and cinnamon. Each bottle is manually numbered and signed by Brian Kinsman.


The special edition bottle n°

The special edition bottle 

Through this sale Glenfiddich intends to continue a tradition created by William Grant who 130 years ago already was a pillar of the Speyside community. Iain McClune, founder of Whisky Auctioneer is proud to be part of this historical sale that enables them to create a new partnership with Glenfiddich.

Three local charities will benefit from the sale. Moray Food Plus that helps people in need to get access to free food and fights against food waste by collecting and redistributing food surplus. NHS Grampian that provides health care and social assistance to 500,000 people living in Aberdeen, Aberdeen shire and Moray. Keirans Legacy that is a charitable foundation that provides first aid training to all volunteers who want to learn life-saving skills.

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About the Speyside Spirit Festival:

The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival likes to do things a little differently. There is no single Festival venue – the venues are distilleries old and new, quaint village halls, local whisky bars, historic castles, much loved local shops and the great outdoors.


Events take place in these venues throughout the region, from Aviemore in the South, following the River Spey to central Speyside and the historic towns in the coastal North.


Speyside is home to over 50 distilleries – more than half of the distilleries in Scotland – and is the largest whisky producing region of Scotland. It’s a big region – and a charming one.


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Photos: courtesy of Glenfiddich