Gourmet Festival of Good Food and Drink. The showcase of the best restaurants and chefs, breweries, wineries and everything for fine gastronomy. The motto of this year’s festival was “We love good food!” And who does not?

The Fresh Festival Pardubice 2018 took place on 16th and 17th June in the area of ​​the racecourse in Pardubice. It was already the sixth year of this event. Popularity is higher year after year.

I personally visited this festival for the fourth time in a row. This year I visited it accompanied by my friend. What have we seen and tasted? Keep reading!

In total there were 3 stage – the main one was the biggest one, the chefs cooked here and there were discussions about food and wine. Workshops were held on a smaller stage. Here, selected people could try to cook various dishes, such as crickets on butter. And the smallest stage that devoted itself to coffee.

I was lucky and at the workshop stage I could try to cook the mentioned crickets. Petr Ocknecht, an expert on insect gastronomy, explained everything nicely to us. And what is the recipe? Well, you have to buy a suitable cricket. You can buy them for example in a pet shop. 3 days you will feed them only with grass and another 2-3 days you will not give them anything. To cleanse their intestines. The most humane death is for them when it is placed on a sieve above the boiling water. Petr Oknecht argues that it is so quick for them (roughly 1-2 seconds) that they does not feel anything at all. I do not know, I’ve never been a cricket over steam. But it’s good to choose the least painful way. Then dissolve the butter on the pan and fry for a while. A little salt, some pepper. And it is done. We were eating it with a baguette. It tastes like a crunch. Just please do not try this according to my manual at home! It has only informative character.

Throughout the festival we were able to taste the menu of selected top restaurants in the East Bohemian region and choose the best of them in the competition. My favorite was St. Patrick restaurant and their burger.

However, the menu of meals did not end. Unconventional and entertaining gastronomy was represented by restaurants offering molecular mix, extreme catering and entomophagy (eating insects).  From exotic cuisine we could taste food from Vietnam or Sri Lanka and other unique cookery concepts.


The main star of this festival was Zdeněk Pohlreich – chef and television star.

The whole festival was awesome. Beautiful weather, food, drink and much more. That’s why I recommend to all of you to participate in food festivals. Do not be afraid to try new, and perhaps terrifying foods. And spend this time with your loved ones.