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Byline Fest, already planning for next year after another successful event!

Pippingford. Kevin Rowland

Although it’s only a couple of miles away from us, I’d never been to the Byline Fest or Pippingford Park. I was surprised at how big the Park is, and the views are beautiful.

The weather was perfect for the event, to my relief. I don’t do rain and mud!


There were plenty of volunteer helpers so registration and parking were easy. Loads of people were carrying in their piles of camping equipment, and yes, some of them did bring the kitchen sink with them!

There was a large camp site, and also a glamping site, with  luxurious well-stocked tents.

Byline Fest is different because apart from the music, there are talks and debates going on all the time.

See my previous article with the organiser Stephen Colgrave;


There was also a great selection of food and drink stalls, and plenty of seats everywhere.


We ate at the Senegal Food stall. It’s run by Abu who has a restaurant in Brighton. The food was freshly cooked in front of us and delicious. There was plenty to please everyone; vegans, veggies and meat eaters. Chicken and lamb chops were on the barbecue which gave them a lovely flavour.

I’ll be writing a full review after we visit his Brighton restaurant, which I’m looking forward to.


The restaurant’s called Le Baobab, which is a huge Senagalese tree.

Le Baobab Cuisine, 8 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4EQ. Phone 07530 338456/07761 645804

www.lebaobabcuising.com  lebaobabcuisine@gmail.com

After our delicious meal we went to watch Kevin Rowland of Dexie’s Midnight Runners.

I was amazed that Come on Eileen and Oh Gino were in the charts nearly 40 years ago, and Kevin is 66! He does a DJ act now, playing some good music and sometimes bursting into song. I think his voice is better than it was 40 years ago.

If you want to book for next year’s Fest, tickets are on sale now at a bargain price, but they’re selling fast!



Hyper Early Bird Tickets for Byline Fest 2020

from £55.00

Hyper early bird tickets for Byline Festival 2020 at Pippingford Park. August 28-31.


For information and tickets:    www.bylinefestival.com

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