Camber Park

Waitress Dee with breakfasts

When we stayed at the Camber Sands Holiday Park, we planned to have our meals in the caravan and to eat out once a day.

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But the meals were so attractive and reasonably priced that we couldn’t resist eating in the Boathouse Restaurant all the time. And why not, I thought, after all we were on holiday!  And they had a Polish lager amongst their selection of drinks that washed it all down perfectly.

Camber Park

For our first dinner I planned to have something light. But they had steak on the menu, so I just had to try it. I’m so often disappointed with steaks, even in first-class restaurants. So many chefs can’t get them right.

When it arrived, I gave it a gentle poke, and it sprang back into shape with a drop of blood oozing out; a perfect medium-rare. Lovely.

It was served with mushrooms, onion rings, vine tomatoes, garden peas and chips. Well priced at £15.95. I nearly but not quite finished the lot!

Camber Park

John couldn’t wait for the photo to start eating.

John had fish, chips and peas for £10.45. He said the fish was lovely and fresh, as it should be right beside the sea, and the batter was crispy.

Both meals arrived in 20 minutes. They were hot, attractive and perfectly cooked and delicious.

We went for a stroll round the park, then we went in the Theatre to watch the entertainment for a while until we called it a night, deciding to get up early.

Camber Park

For breakfast John had the Traditional Breakfast for £7.15. Again it was perfectly cooked with no soggy bottoms or crispy edges.

Camber Park

I had the Pancakes and Bacon with maple syrup. I haven’t had that for many years since I was in Canada. There was a large stack of pancakes and just enough syrup to mop them all up.

My verdict? Absolutely yummy!

Daughter Rana and little Isabella joined us for lunch. They were staying for the night and couldn’t wait to get involved in everything. They’re both Vegans, so it was going to be interesting to see what the Boathouse could serve up.

Camber Park

John and I were still too full from breakfast to face a large lunch, so we shared Glazed Spiced Chicken Wings, and boy were they spicy! And he had some of Isabella’s chips.

Camber Park

Rana had a Vegan Wrap with chips, and Isabella had Veggie Nuggets, chips and peas from the Pick ‘n Mix recipe for £4.95, which she happily tucked into.

Afterwards they set off to explore and they had a wonderful afternoon trying out all the amusements! We left them on their way to the swimming pool and went for a leisurely stroll.

We all met up at the caravan for a short rest and to get changed. Then it was time for dinner.

Camber Park

I decided to try the lasagne with chips and garlic bread, but I wasn’t very optimistic about it. I’ve almost given up ordering lasagne. It usually arrives red hot from the microwave with hard dark curly edges.

This was as good as I make at home – and I’m a good cook! It was al dente, flat and evenly cooked throughout, and the sauce was just right. Well done, Boathouse chefs! It was well worth £9.25.


Camber Park

John had the Super Food Salad with some of my garlic bread, and he said it was just what he needed; a good tasty meal without filling him up.

Camber Park


Rana ordered the Mushroom Risotto for £8.25. She said it was an excellent vegan meal.

Isabella wanted Veggie Nuggets again as she said they were delicious. But Rana wouldn’t let her have chips again, so she had boiled new potatoes and peas. She was very happy. Again it cost £4.95.

We were going to leave early in the morning, but we couldn’t resist hanging on for breakfast.

We all altered the set menu, but the staff are used to it and tapped all the instructions for the chefs into the till. I don’t know how they manage to get everything right, but they do. Everything’s priced per item.

Isabella wanted beans on toast, but the beans on the side, not on the toast.

I wanted poached egg, soft cooked bacon, not crispy, tomato, beans and toast.

Rana wanted the Veggie Breakfast without the egg, but with mushrooms instead.

John wanted the Traditional Breakfast as he enjoyed it so much the day before.

Camber Park

Look at Sean the waiter with the tray. Everything’s exactly right, just as we ordered.

While we were eating, Sparkle the Rabbit from the Starland Krew came in and posed for photos with the children.

Camber Park

Camber Park

Isabella was mesmerised, and couldn’t wait to have her photo taken beside the Rabbit. It was the perfect end to a wonderful holiday break!

John’s final comment was he can’t believe how good all the staff were!

My one big criticism, and a lot of people grumbled about it, is that the Restaurant doesn’t open till 9. I’ve never known anywhere in the world open that late for breakfast. Some people have long journeys home and need to leave early.

A lot of children wake early, especially when they’re excited. It should be open at 7.

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