SignatureEveryday i come closer to realize the difference between what we have been told or what was put on our minds, and what we really experience. The more i experience, the more i believe that human nature dominate no matter the belief, the culture, the nationality.



I was invited to a birthday party. Avah, Nakisha’s only daughter, is having her 5 years old birthday.
On my mind, a party in America means a variety of things not to be mentioned, doesn’t matter if it was a child or an adult. Of course i figured later that i was totally wrong.
b SignatureIt was a pool party. I walked in not knowing but two persons from all the guests. I grabbed a chair watching the kids playing, jumping, breaking and smashing things. They were acting their age. Back home in Tunisia when we have a celebration, guests literally act home. It’s the same here, so i seized the chance and went and grabbed me a plate of food. There was a lot of food and cakes.

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Avah was so happy with the people around. It made think that i never had a birthday party like that. Even if i did, at her age, i wouldn’t even know what’s going on. Kids today are growing smart, more conscious about what’s going on around.
e SignatureOne of the guests was a girl who was doing face painting. She was good. I kept watching her for like 15 minutes.
b SignatureI don’t know who cooked but it was so good. There was jamaican jerk chicken, curry chicken, red beans, rice.,etc. Nobody ask me what these plates are because all i know that they are chicken. There was a lot of fruits, i ate most of the pineapple and watermelon.
SignatureThere was a lot of cake pops, cup cakes, a vase filled with candies. There was no meal come before desert rule so i kept picking from here and there.
e SignatureI could not take pictures of the different scenes. I was focused on Avah’s laughs. It brings some kind of inner peace watching kids happily laughing. Or, may be i’m just getting old and wish i was a kid again.
Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to Avah. She put the candles out, made her wish, sliced and ate the cake. Everybody then sat to have a talk. I had to go to work so i left.
Happy birthday Avah and thanks for the invitation.

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