Happy Halloween,

Happy Halloween, it’s the expression that replaces all the greetings in America for the whole month of October. Of course in Las Vegas, to celebrate is a lifestyle already.

Most of the people, if not all, show their felicity for Halloween to the extent that the celebration starts the beginning of October and lasts until October the 31st, All Hallow Eve, when the real action happens.

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Do we know what are we celebrating? Or, we are just following ancient unknown paths? Look around your selves; personification of darkness, embodiment of death and ghosts, incarnation of blood and evil.., then think how are all those symbolizes happiness?

Long time ago, mainly in the UK, Ireland and France, people celebrated the New Year at November the 1st (the end of summer harvest and the beginning of the dark half of the year). It was a time associated with darkness and excessive death. It was believed that at the night before the New Year, which is October the 31st, the fog that separates the world of the dead from that of the living fades. Therefore, ghosts of the dead return to earth wreaking havoc, damaging crops and most importantly seeking vengeance. Rituals at that night are pursued by certain groups, usually led by Druids or Celtic Priests, as an attempt to connect with those spirits to help them make predictions about the future, provide them with certain information, or, to help them burn the bridge between them and Satan. Fire is burnt, animal and human sacrifices are given, dreadful costumes are worn.

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As a result of the extension of the Roman empire into the Celtic territories, 2 Roman festivals were combined with the Celtic celebration; the celebration of Fir Elia day when the Romans commemorated their dead, and the celebration of Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit whose symbol is an apple, from which came the tradition of bobbing for apples in Halloween.

SignatureHalloween is considered the greatest holiday of the year for Satanists. It is with all these Halloween traditions or rituals that they strengthen the ligation with all evil. Are we entertaining those devilish beliefs wearing those costumes and placing all those decorations all around the houses?