Lyn and her family went to the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall to see Sleeping Beauty.

Last night we all went to see this year’s Panto, which is Sleeping Beauty.

It’s running from the 7th December-2nd January.

I was amazed at how fast it had all come together, from start to production. It was only at the beginning of November when the Cast all met, and they hadn’t even seen the script then!

See my article;

It starts with the Good Fairy (Laura Mullowney) flying around and speaking in rhyme.

Then Prince Philip (Michael Vinsen) sang Queen’s Somebody to Love. He has a powerful belter of a voice, and could easily perform as Freddy Mercury.

Claire Sweeney is Carabosse, the Bad Fairy, and ooh, she’s bad!

She’s a top-quality singer, and she sung I’ll put a Spell on You! which could be brought out as a single.

I wasn’t very impressed with Sleeping Beauty/Princess Rose’s (Caitlin McNerney) costumes. They weren’t very attractive, and she had Nora Batty coloured tights underneath.

But her final dress was pretty though.

The comedy routines in between the main story were performed by Quinn Patrick (Nursie, the Pantomime Dame) and Derek Morgan (Silly Billy) and sometimes the King (David Allcock)

Nursie appeared wearing a selection of the most outrageous costumes and brightly coloured wigs!

Silly Billy talked to the audience a lot and got them all involved and they loved him – even when he produced a high-powered water pistol and soaked everyone, including me!

My favourite scene was when Silly Billy announced to the audience that he’s broken Nursie’s favourite mirror. Then he scuttled off as Nursie appeared in a pink dress with ringlets.

Nursie looked in the mirror, and Silly Billy appeared on the other side, dressed in an identical outfit. Of course, he mirrored everything that Nursie did. Very funny and very clever!

Our two little four-year-old girls, Isabella and Grace, got really excited before the Pantomime started, but they were as good as gold, and loved it, especially when they realised that they were allowed to shout at people on the stage!

Then towards the end, the Prince had a sword-fight with a very realistic-looking animated dragon that flew above him, and large flames shot into the air. And two little girls hopped onto their mums’ knees!

The children dancing were very cute, especially when they were dressed as Princess Rose’s toys.

Their dance schools are Associates Dancers, Deborah Lamb Theatre Arts, and Gabriella’s School of Performing Arts.

My biggest praise goes to Silly Billy Derek. He had more to learn than anyone else, including clever tongue twisters. And Derek is dyslexic! He’s perfectly open about it and says that it does hold him up in life.

His Agent must have a sadistic streak!

I asked him how on earth he learnt his scripts. He said he relies on videos a lot, and he can usually learn his lines in one go. He has a brilliant memory.

Pantomimes are really unique. Some of their jokes are double-edged; rude to adults, but innocent to children.
I’m a writer, but there’s no way I could write a Pantomime script.

It’s an old tradition and long may it continue!

Next year is Peter Pan, and the tickets are already on sale, so you can book a seat and choose where you want to sit.

I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Assembly Hall Theatre

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Kent TN1 2LU