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From the 1,000th Hill

No 69. 2022 UK visit  – Arrival


Well, dear Readers, I cannot contain my excitement, that, after almost 3 years, I can come over to the UK to visit my beloved friends and family again.


Travel restrictions have been put aside, so people can now travel freely from South Africa to the UK at least.


You will remember one of my first articles about the mixed emotions living in another country holds.




I also wrote about my usual pilgrimage to the County of my Birth, and I sincerely hope to travel there again, if time and tide allow.




It is midwinter now in Botha’s Hill, the days are warm and sunny and the nights a little cooler.

Sometimes the snow on the ‘Berg about 100 miles away will bring a biting wind across our bows, but mostly July is one of our best months.





The flames of the coral trees, poincettias and aloes are an absolute delight, and, although the dry season has come late to us this year, the contrast of their brightness against the pale gold of the dry grasses is a joy to behold.





As I sit here, the birds are singing in the trees and the hadidas – ibis- are calling loudly to each other across the early evening sky.





My song “ Sittin’ here sittin’ “ – a Winter’s afternoon in the valley.





Here are the Camelsfoot purples, the ‘Donkey ear tree’ and the orange and red aloe ferox.


A week later …


What luck on each flight there was a spare seat next to me so I managed to curl up and get a few hours shut eye.


I expect some of you have experienced the joy of meeting loved ones at the airport after years of absence, so I don’t need to overemphasise that joy !!


Well, I have been here a week already and lived through what the Brits are calling a heatwave – a normal Summer’s day for me !!


The flora and fauna are so much different here, and just as I remember.





Lots of exploring to do, and, over the next few months, lots of family and friends to catch up with.


See you again soon, Love, always, Mim.