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“Celestyal Cruises” offers a free travel insurance including COVID-19 cover – World Meanderings (n°101)

  By Annick Dournes & Frédéric de Poligny    Celestyal Cruises the world-renowned Greek cruises company proposes a free additional insurance including the COVID-19 cover for every booking made...
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Malta Diary Touches of sanity in today’s eyesore concrete jungle -archaeological sites and buildings now Scheduled and cannot be destroyed or altered in any way  

 ALBERT FENECH  e/mail –  Facebook:   I have written it before and repeat, if my great grandparents and grandparents were to be resurrected today and placed anywhere in...
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Malta Diary Intricate, precious and a labour of love – but very sadly dying out The art and skill of hand-woven Malta and Gozo cotton lace

 ALBERT FENECH   e/mail –   Facebook:    In Maltese, the word “bizilla” primarily means an intricate handmade lace weave in a significant pattern. However, the word...
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