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Malta Diary Intricate, precious and a labour of love – but very sadly dying out The art and skill of hand-woven Malta and Gozo cotton lace

 ALBERT FENECH   e/mail –   Facebook:    In Maltese, the word “bizilla” primarily means an intricate handmade lace weave in a significant pattern. However, the word...
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VW knows that if you wait long enough for a bus, three come at once and Clubsport GTi falls into the category

IAIN ROBERTSON  Having been exceptionally critical of the ‘Golfate’, as Iain Robertson has christened the eighth generation of the popular German hatchback, following the RenaultSport Megane and Hyundai i30N,...
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Malta Diary The Royal Naval Bighi Hospital – one of the best in Europe during its era Now an interactive Esplora science and technology museum and a major attraction

 ALBERT FENECH e/mail: salina46af@gmail,com Facebook: Villa Bighi is one of the most iconic buildings on the inner rim of the majestic Valletta Grand Harbour. The central original villa...
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