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Parents will need to prepare for when their kids reach their teenage years and start learning how to drive. The thought itself is both exciting and intimidating; buying a car for your teen isn’t the same as adopting a puppy from an animal shelter. There are many more factors that come to play, so it’s always best to stay informed before shopping for the right vehicle.


Here  are a few things to know in order to get started:


  1. Know the type of car you want for your teenpic

Teenagers often want a vehicle that will make them look good while they drive it. Still, appearances should not be the only factor, whether you are shopping for new models or looking for used vehicles. Since this will be your teen’s first car, you will need to determine the right type that provides a perfect balance between practicality and efficiency. You can always start out small by looking at cars like the Toyota Prius Prime or the Subaru Outback. If you are looking for SUVs, then consider models along the lines of the Mazda CX-5 or the Kia Sorento.


  1. Know how to finance the vehicle

Cars don’t come cheap these days, especially when improvements in automotive technology have introduced smart features that stretch the lifespans of vehicles. You may have to spend around $21,000 for second hand vehicles in the United States. This is understandable, since the market for used cars has grown in the past years. You will need to be financially prepared in purchasing the best vehicle to give to your teen. Coming up with an effective financing strategy should help you find car loans with favorable terms. Simply look for a reliable loan program provider in your area. If you live in Nova Scotia, you can look up companies like Maritime Vehicle Providers Ltd. that can help you create an appropriate financing strategy.


  1. Know how to choose the right auto insurance

Considering that your teen is driving for the first time, you will need to decide on the type of car insurance they’ll have. You may have to pay a lot more for coverage, depending on the circumstances. Fortunately, you can always find insurers that provide special coverage for young drivers who score high in their driving tests. On the other hand, you may have the option of adding your teen to your current auto insurance policy, depending on the terms of the insurer.


  1. Know what your teen thinks

At the end of the day, it’s your teen who gets to drive the vehicle, so it’s always best to sit down and make decisions together. After all, this also counts as a learning experience that prepares your teen in making the decisions on their own.


Owning a car for the first time is a rite of passage. Make it count by purchasing a car that can help your teen transition to the next phase in their life.