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Mumbai Memoir 135- Virtual Travels from Mumbai city!

Exploring Wales (U.K) in 2012!

Travelling is a great way to free the mind. It’s a way of transporting one’s self into a totally different environment and refreshing one’s soul in the process.

On board ‘Angriya’- a luxury cruise exploring the Mumbai-Goa sea route! (2019)

But due to the pandemic conditions if travelling is practically not possible then I highly suggest watching at least one travel program daily on your favourite OTT platform or YouTube. By watching a travel show the brain gets tricked into believing that ‘we are travelling along with the host’. How does this happen? Thanks to the ‘mirror neurons’ circuitry that nature has installed in our brain. Here’s a link to know more about the mirror neurons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmx1qPyo8Ks

On the shores of Bay of Bengal- Puri (Orissa) 2019

These days I am exploring Turkey on the internet through various travel shows & documentaries regarding the culture, history and politics of this nation. I was amazed to know that Istanbul (once called Constantinople) is half in Asia and half in Europe! This city receives snow fall too! I look forward to visit Turkey, especially Istanbul, someday to experience the Turkish culture and tourist places like Hagia Sophia. Here’s a digital link (Courtesy: BBC Travel Show program) to explore Istanbul and other places: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsNKmDHE6Lc

‘At the top’ of the world! Burj Khalifa Dubai (2018)

Its important to keep the flame of positive spirit burning and be hopeful even in the pandemic times. One way to keep the spirits high is to tease yourself of travelling to distant lands by watching videos of those places and dreaming to visit them someday. It works for me and thus I am highly recommending it to all who love to travel and explore. Here’s sharing few pictures of my past travels which re-kindle hope and positive spirit within me when I browse them in the solitude of the pandemic times. These days due to the chaos around, one may experience an ‘identity crisis’ as one sees the ‘self’ getting disintegrated.

Helicopter ride over the Niagara falls overlooking U.S and Canada! (2010)

At such times British novelist David Mitchell’s quote from his fiction ‘Cloud Atlas’ makes perfect sense to me. He quotes- “Travel far enough, you meet yourself”. How true! As of now lets travel virtually so that we emotionally survive the pandemic to stay fit to actually physically travel to these distant places in times to come! Happy ‘virtual’ travel to all!

Photo Courtesy : Shraddha C. Sankulkar

Royal walk at Jhasi Fort (U.P) in 2012



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