Wendy Hughes

After almost four years of tumbling from one health issue to another, I had almost come to expect nothing to change, but on 30th December a package arrived containing copies of my long awaited new book, A –Z of Curious Sussex.  Was this a good omen heralding a better year for me?  I do hope so.  Interestingly, I still get a tremendous thrill on seeing a new book for the first time, and I hope I will never lose  that excitement, and although I say it myself I am delighted with the book, which I feel has turned out far better than I had dared to hope. The contact had been signed for publication in 2014, but when illness struck, but my publishers, The History Press were most understanding, and have done me proud yet again and are now busy helping with the promotion, a rare treat these days.

They say a cover makes a book and I feel this is certainly true of this one. In the book I take the reader by the hand on a grand tour of the curious and bizarre, the strange and the unusual from Sussex’s past.  Some stories are well known, others may be new to the reader. For example read about the Alfriston Star Inn, once a hostelry for medieval package tours sporting a most unusual ship figurehead, or why is there a Russian memorial to Finnish soldiers sitting in Sussex?  Read about crazy Jack who simply could not stop building and decided to be buried in a pyramid in the middle of Sussex   Along the way the reader will meet some scandalous residents, inventors and smugglers which I guarantee will fascinate both residents and visitors alike.  I will be doing a number of book signings in Sussex, so watch this space, but if you can’t wait you can order a copy from Amazon  There is also a  kindle version too.

With two other writers from Sea Scribes in Worthing we will be doing a book launch at Heene Road Community Centre on 17th February and do come along, browse out books and share a glass of prosecco and a slice of launch cake with us.

As you can imagine I enjoyed celebrating the New Year and with renewed energy and already making plans for writing projects this year.

Today I was interviewed by Phil Hewitt, Arts Editor of the local groups of newspapers, which is the first of several interviews in the pipeline.  It was a pleasure to meet Phil for the first time, although we had spoken on the telephone a number of times, and if you are interesting article will appear the local papers next week. I have also signed 12 copies of the book and returned to The History Press and these will be used as competition prizes in local magazines. Who knows what next week will bring, but the year has started well and is just the tonic I needed to begin the year.

Eastbourne book signing