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Welsh Witterings: Revolting Recipes


My latest manuscript entitled, ‘A History of Revolting Recipes’, has been completed and sent to my publishers. Now my work is with my editor and I can’t stop thinking of additional  things I could of included, but I had to let go of my manuscript or sixth child as I came to think of it, but given the chance it could have been my life’s work. The good thing is that my book will be announced at the May sales conference and  the design team are working on a cover.  For me getting to see the cover design is a reward for all the hours of research and writing dedication, and I am rather excited to say the least.


I wrote my now published book, A Dark History of Tea whilst I was still pregnant with Myles and with four children running around me it was difficult and involved many late night and early morning starts. Indeed, I grabbed any opportunity I could to research and write when the little ones were sleeping, but at least they did sleep. Myles is a night owl and a sky lark, but his beautiful smiles and giggling are wonderful even if they do mean I forget what I was writing mid-sentence.


Indeed writing this manuscript has been a challenge, simply because it is the first one I have written with five children in tow who have all been pent up due to Covid19 lockdown.  I have often suggested that writing a book in the middle of a circus act or on a motorway would be quieter than writing during screams, tantrums and the constant distractions of my little ones. However,  with a great deal of willpower and copious cups of coffee, brewed by a very patient and encouraging husband I completed the book and met my deadline.

My two eldest daughters have quite enjoyed hearing the details of various revolting recipes although since learning some details of some recipes they consider disgusting they  have asked very tentatively, “what’s for dinner?” 20210316_1725441

With the manuscript done and dusted, it was time for some home baking with all my children.  We made a vanilla sponge cake and  I must say it was chaos, but everyone from twelve months old up to eleven years of age got involved and they all devoured the fruits of their hard work within minutes.   When the cake was being served up, I reflected over the fact that writing a manuscript with children is easier than baking a cake with them, but the latter did yield some very memorable moments.

I’m off to make lemon curd now and then I must look to make an effort on manuscript as I have another commission!   So for now I bid you a fond farewell from sunny, Mid Wales.20210316_1725481