By Mercedes Prunty…


Eastbourne, the Sunshine coast, the coast that is my home in the United Kingdom.


Hello all, my name is Mercedes Prunty and I am a mother, wife, author, blogger, public speaker and now a newly fledged travel writer.

I LOVE writing and I have done ever since I was a teenager. I would forever be writing short stories and designing covers for them in my room (Some of which the ideas have become my novels I have self-published). At school I would daydream in my lessons about the stories and characters that I would make up. My homework planner was always full of scribbles with ideas for stories, blurbs, character profiles and even poems. Hence the only subject beside from art I was good at was English, it was my highest scoring GCSE. I then went on to college to study Photography and English as well as hairdressing, so, I guess you could call me a creative.

Me with some of my books at a local book event I recently went to).

I have written and self-published eight books to date and plan on writing many more, and I also have a blog that I write on three times a week. And now I have become a travel writer, all thanks to the lovely Lyn Funnell who is the owner and publisher of this online magazine who told me about the opportunity to write for it, which naturally I jumped at the chance to do.

Why did I jump at it when I write so much already? Well, because I LOVE writing and Lyn wanted someone based in Eastbourne who could write about everything that is good and special about it, and seen as I live here, and was born and bred here and my kids are being brought up here, I seem to be the hopefully perfect candidate to tell the world about it. I suppose you could call me, an Eastbournian!

View from Eastbourne Pier

So, you want to know when my articles on Eastbourne will be up on the site? Well I will be writing them every other Monday (Fortnightly) starting from TODAY!!! Although as you can tell my first write up is introducing myself to all of you.

My goal is to write about Eastbourne and all the fabulous places you can visit either alone or with children, seen as I have kids it’s only natural for me to try out all the family friendly go-to areas as well as the ones where a night off from the kids is needed. I will also tell you about the wonderful and the somewhat strange goings on that have occurred in or around Eastbourne, I will show you it’s variety of historical elements that have made the town what it is today.

Eastbourne pier and the downs in the background)

It has been lovely to introduce myself to you all and I hope you enjoy my articles – Mercedes’ Memorable Mondays is a new journey for me, and potentially a journey for you too.






(Image 1 – Hello, it’s me with my favourite quote behind me in the picture)

(Image 2 – View from Eastbourne Pier)


(Image 3 – Eastbourne pier and the downs in the background)

(Image 4 – Me with some of my books at a local book event I recently went to).