On Saturday the heat in  Pozo iIquierdo,  Gran Canaria was so intense that a relaxed approach to life was necessary.  In the morning after taking a stroll along the beach my husband and I stopped for a coffee and then walked further along the beach so that the children could beach comb and run in and out of the sea.  It was lovely to just take time and have no plan for the day, indeed in recent years this has been unheard of as with a business to run and a young family there is generally always the need for a schedule, even if it has to be a flexible one.  So I must say that my simple stroll was rather a decadent change for me.

Eventually lunchtime came around and we found ourselves  at Bar Pozo Ilquierdo;  a family run restaurant that is popular with the locals. It enjoys a lovely position near the beach, but from the outside it is unassuming, being slightly reminiscent of a 1970’s working mans club, indeed this is a restaurant not to be judged on its outward aesthetics.

Once inside Bar Pozo Ilquierdo it is difficult to find a table or even room at the bar during main meal times as it is very popular with the locals and tourists alike.

The service was friendly and the menu was full of simple, local food at reasonable prices. Yes, indeed this was a relaxed and unpretentious place that I enjoyed a lovely drink of strawberry gin and some simple well cooked food including champinones al ajillo – mushrooms sauteed with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and seasoned with flat-leaf parsley, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. I enjoyed this simple dish with some crusty bread and queso frito (fried cheese.) It was a simple lunch, but there was plenty of it and it was all cooked really well.

After a most agreeable lunch we all pottered off to our holiday house and as ten month old Rosaleigh enjoyed her afternoon nap I enjoyed a lounge on the balcony. I was contemplating what a lovely peaceful place Pozo Iquierdo is when a surge of loud music began to blast out from the direction of the beach.

The music became more intense and carried on the wind were shouts, cheers and what sounded like orders. The noise got louder and more energetic as so after a short while we decided that we would go and see what was going on.

We walked towards the beach, following the sound of fast paced dance music and it wasn’t long before we reached the square where a large scale Zumba class was taking place.

Zumbate en Pozo was organised by Zumba instructor Inma Santana and ran from 7pm until darkness fell. It was great to see people of all ages, sizes and abilities fully immersed in Zumba and really enjoying themselves. We got ourselves a drink from the bar and sat and watched as our daughters Hattie and Libby decided to join in.

We all had a great time watching the Zumba and also lapping up the vibrant local atmosphere. It was a fantastic end to a very relaxed day and it was great to head home and whip up some tapas to enjoy with a nice glass of gin and tonic.