Last weekend I booked tickets to go to Tickledom. My work load has been a little heavy of late and so  a spot of light family entertainment was in order.  A nice night relaxing at the theatre I thought, how nice.

On the night of the performance it was absolute chaos to get to the theatre on time. The 7pm performance seemed perfectly achievable, indeed it seemed like a reasonable time to arrive at a theatre production, but after finishing a few writing deadlines and jumping in shower, a dripping wet mummy then had to chase a five year old and seven year old around the house, shouting, ‘get your pants on’, and ‘what have you done with your clean socks’’. Watching my seven year old preen herself in the mirror having come out of the however drier than she went in, I did consider investing in a pig stick and board or else a cattle prod.

Meanwhile, my husband, Rob appears covered in oil, he looks like he needs steam cleaning rather than showering.   Whilst, the oil monster attempted to regain a pink hue to his skin in the shower, I I manage to wrestle baby, Rosaleigh into a clean dress and have now got the girls ready to go out

We eventually load the girls into the car, before searching for the house keys, losing the car keys in the process and performing a nappy change. Eventually we are all in the car and ready to go. A huge sigh of exhaustion is released by myself and Rob, whilst the girls chirp merrily in the back. Now, I remember why Rob and I gave up on date nights.

Anyway, we arrive at the theatre and somehow we manage to be only ten minutes late, this is amazing considering the chaos. We are snuck in to the performance by a very nice usher and suddenly order is resumed with all three girls awe struck.

Createdby Welsh writers John Manders and Matt Brind Tickledom was exactly the right show to go and see, it was a vibrant musical production that took us into the quirky and fun world of Princess Violet and her enchanting companions including Dan Di Lion , Snap Dragon Doc Leaf and a host of other characters.

Tickledom  was a show full of song and laughter and was great fun for children both growing and grown up. It was a lovely production and really was the best cure for the relief of daily family life and deadline panic. .Watching the charactersof Tickledom set off on a perilous journey to bring back laughter to their kingdom by breaking the curse of the icy queen Fluella was a great boost to my spirits and as I glanced around the audience there wasn’t a straight face to be seen.

Whilst being  a fun-filled production it also gave strong messages of goodness and fairness, friendship, a sense of inclusion of all and awareness of the environment. It is a musical for all the family and little Rosaleigh at eight months was mesmerised by the singing and bright costumes, infact she even joined in with the clapping.

After the performance I felt renewed and my nerves soothed, so we popped to the theatre bar for a quick gin and tonic before having a peaceful journey home with three sleeping beauties quietly snoring in the back of the car.  Peace at last!