In my case the old wives tale of new house, new baby was absolutely true– though not in its original meaning. They say that if you move house then news of a new baby is surely soon to follow, whereas in my case I moved house and the birth of my new baby was very soon to follow. I do love old wives tales and indeed superstitions though I very much doubt if my labor pains could have been eased by putting an axe under the bed or by the old tale that if a woman in labor ‘ wears her husband’s hat, her pain will be lessened’.

I spent Thursday frantically washing, shopping, cleaning and generally nesting; before cooking a roast dinner and then still having loads of energy. Indeed this was as clearer sign of childbirth being imminent as any and at 1:00am the next morning I was in labor. An ambulance was called when my contractions reached five minutes apart, but sadly my dreams of enjoying a nice birthing pool in the hospital were not to be, for I arrived at the hospital at 2:30am and the baby was delivered on the stretcher in the first available room at 2:33am, there was no time for anything on my birthing plan! Indeed things were so quick that my husband, Rob, who was driving to the hospital by car, missed the birth.


As the midwife handed my new baby to me, I instantly felt a wave of proud mother-dom wash over me. As I held my new, beautiful baby girl, with long fingers, her Daddy’s olive skin and dark hair. I could have happily expressed tears of joy and although she is my third baby the whole experience felt just as overwhelming and joyous as my first child. As I held my little 7lb 3 oz bundle I felt incredibly proud and relieved that everything had turned out well and also started to contemplate the fact that I was now the mother to a new-born baby – yes I had got out of the new-born routine with my other children being four and seven years of age.


Amongst the sleepless nights, nappies and the trials of nursing I am enjoying being new Mummy. My husband is ever the proud father and I have never seen him grin as much. He seems to have a permanent smug look since his little girl has been born and there is no better sight than seeing him and baby Rosaleigh snuggled up together.

Well as it is Halloween I shall be stuffing fennel in my keyhole and hanging it over the door to protect against witches – I can’t help wishing there was a sensible old wives tale for making babies sleep.

Until next week I bid you a fond farewell from West Wales