I have recently been contemplating travel, but as a family this does present a problem. Indeed, Covid19 aside, as a growing family I have found travel and travel opportunities to be increasingly difficult.

In many ways, travelling is harder with children, whether you have one child or five.  The days of travelling on a whim or indeed travelling light, stopped when my first daughter came along. These days, my travel must be carefully planned and is akin to a military exercise.

Whilst, when I travel my thoughts are still very much about good food and dining, nowadays, I have to consider early dining times and bedtimes, highchairs and tiredness tantrums. I am conscious of other diners and indeed many restaurants do not want to accommodate a family of seven, where three of the children are under five.

IMAGIndeed, travelling lately has become quite difficult with issues about room size, apartment size and travel planning. Each town I go to, I research things to do for children in the area, so that all the children have a good time and find activities to stimulate them.  Then when it comes to leaving for a day out, we need to pack snacks, nappies, clothes, coats, plasters, favourite bear… the list goes on.

As my family has grown, I have experienced a ‘big family phobia’, with people suggesting a table in a separate room, saying there are no ‘family friendly’ tables or that the establishment does not cater for children. Well, as I’ve pointed out many times, my children eat real food not turkey dinosaur’s, so not having a children’s menu is always a bonus, but the issue is that travelling and indeed dining out with a larger family is challenging.

Whilst, I am happy to pack for every eventuality the reality is that not many venues are willing to accommodate me. Is this a British attitude? Well, I can’t say for sure, but I am pretty certain that the negative attitude around larger families is pretty British.

So as I contemplate travel and battle with the negativity surrounding travelling with children, I will take pride in the fact that my children have better table manners and general courtesy than most adults.