Donald Trump, the new President of America, will be 71 this year.

But nobody has mentioned his age or called him a Pensioner.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

In the UK, when we reach the big SIX OH, we’re supposed to start preparing for the end of our lives, declining in health and mobility.

The junk mail starts arriving, offering stair lifts, walk-in baths, special chairs and beds, retirement homes, funeral plans, and Will writing services.

donald3As youngsters are bombarded in the Media with how to look and what to wear, the over 60s have ads with happy, smiling couples walking barefoot along a beach, telling us about their high cholesterol, rubs for their aching joints and vitamins for old people.

We’re almost expected to grow old, whatever our state of health!

The Old word is used as an insult that we’re expected to laugh at.

Oh hee hee hee, I’m over 60. Isn’t that funny?

No it isn’t.

donald4Some Superstores are now realising that Pensioners are perfectly capable of doing a day’s work, and they’re often more reliable than younger people.

We often have discussions with our friends. We all worry about the symptoms of ageing.

Do you go into a room and then forget why you went there? Yes, we all do.

How do we know if we have the first signs of Alzheimers? We’re all terrified of getting it. We look for signs of it and worry about it.

donald6Back to Donald Trump.

Hubby John comes home from work and promptly falls asleep on the sofa, whatever the time.

I sometimes nod off after dinner in the evening.

If I didn’t sit down I wouldn’t fall asleep!

Trump was up at dawn, travelling from meeting to meeting, sworn in as President, and attended three balls.

He didn’t say, I’m going to skip the last one because I’m tired and I have to be up early!

He made his Inaugaration speech without reading it, and without saying Um or Er at all. He remembered every word.

Not so long ago, the average person didn’t live to 70, and they still don’t in some countries.

It seems that age is a state of mind. The more physically and mentally active you are, the younger you stay.

donald5Go to any town in the UK and you have to dodge out of the way of the mobility scooters whizzing along the pavements. They’re often middle-aged people, and they’re also often extremely fat, and of course on Benefits.

Maybe if they were forced to make changes in their lives, get up the gym and not allowed to order takeaways all the time, they’d be slimmer, healthier and live longer!

Donald Trump walked upright, and danced in the evening.

We often lack in self-confidence when we become Pensioners. We’re sometimes looked down on by younger people who think they know more than us because they can text fast on their phones.

Trump has just started a new career – and not just a new career. It’s the most important, powerful job in the world!

So it’s never too late to turn those dreams into reality.

If he can do it, I can do it too. And I’m younger than him!

No, I don’t want to become President or Prime Minister, or anything politically connected.

But I can start a new career, or just write my next book.

And I can get up the gym and work on the body too!

donald2Thank you Mr Trump. You’ve inspired me to do more with my life.

No more time wasting, or looking for signs of ailments that aren’t there.

If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me – and I’ve still got a lot of living to do!