Shoreham Swan

The number of casualties we are dealing with has increased again this year with another record year of figures for WRAS. We have dealt with a minimum of 2055 casualties so far in 2017 which is a 19% increase in casualties over last year which was 1726 at the end of July, which is also 772 on this time in 2015 too. June saw us deal with over 500 casualties in a month for the first time ever up 144 casualties on July last year.

Polegate is really starting to get a reputation for illegally shot birds at the moment. Another one this time freshly injured on a drive way in Glynleigh Drive Polegate. Please keep your eyes open for anyone in the area shooting illegally and report them immediately to Sussex Police if you see them acting illegally.  Rescuers also drove across to Northiam after a couple had a jackdaw and crow fall out of the sky in front of them.  Both birds had wounds which were bleeding.  Back at WRAS’s Casualty Centre the birds were x-rayed and although no pellets were found there were signs that that been shot which was backed up by our vets assessments too.

Shoreham Swan

Rescuers rushed to a swan at Shoreham Port Sunday morning after a swan was spotted with 10ft of fishing line dragging behind and a hook in its beak. Unfortunately other local organisations where not available to help, so WRAS sent a team down to help. The callers had kept the swans close to shore by feeding them. Rescuer Hannah fed mixed corn as Centre manager Chris crouched down waiting for a chance to grab the poor bird. Once the swan had its head under the water concentrating on food, Chris caught the swan and got it on to the pontoon. Hannah and Chris removed the small hook and after a quick clean up and check over the swan was put back with its family of three cygnets and partner. Thank you to Mel and the team at the Swan Sanctuary for their advice over the phone. Bank Holiday Monday Chris also rushed to an injured Pink Footed Goose at Shinewater with a damaged wing too.

WRAS are holding their annual Christmas Craft Fair at East Dean Village Hall on Saturday 2nd December 2017 between 11am and 3pm.  There will be a selection of cakes, craft stalls, raffles and plenty of Christmas spirit. Come along and enjoy the fun! If anyone is interested in a craft stall then please contact Chris on  01825-873003.

Shoreham Swan

On Thursday last we picked up a young duck from Castle View Caravan Park on Eastbourne Road Pevensey Bay. The poor bird had fishing line going down its throat and on X-raying the bird the hook was well down inside the body. We sought advice from the Swan Sanctuary who said it would be too dangerous to operate and remove the hook so the line was cut as far down the throat as possible and left. The duck was kept in care under observation for a few days before being released again.

Tony rushed to a hedgehog in Brisbain Quay Sovereign Harbour on Friday last week after it fell into the water. The poor creature was very cold and wet, but otherwise in good condition.  Another hedgehog came in the same day from Victoria Drive Polegate, this one was not as lucky. It had a prolapsed eye and a couple of wounds in its stomach. He will need a minor operation to remove the remains of the eye.  A hedgehog came into care from Ridgewood Uckfield on Saturday too.  Found out during the day the hedgehog was checked over at WRAS, but our Care team couldn’t find any issues. They used our Ultrasound machine to check her abdomen and found she was heavily pregnant, so was taken back and released.

Pink Footed Goose from Shinewater

We have had a couple of bats this week. One was found in Hailsham High Street on the wall by Homely Maid Café. The bat was taken in by staff at Fish Around where the Bat was collected by WRAS rescuers.  The bat was checked over back at the Casualty Centre and promptly flew round the first aid room several time with a good attitude. After talking over the situation with Bat Specialist Jenny Clark the bat was taken back and released in Hailsham Church Yard at dusk. Wednesday last week we also had a pipistrelle bat from Etchingwood Lane, Blackboys, found on the ground inside a house. Underweight and lethargic the bat was taken up to Jenny to look after. On Friday we also had a pipistrelle bat in Bramble Drive, Hailsham. This bat was also underweight and lethargic but sadly been caught by a cat causing one of its wings to be fractured.

We had a call out to a Hare at Lullington at the weekend run over by a tractor.  Rescuer Tony rushed to the scene but sadly the poor creature didn’t survive.




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