This beautiful Kingfisher was admitted last weekend from Crowborough after a former rescuer Sean found the poor bird whilst out walking. The team at Folly Wildlife Rescue will be taking him on as they have better facilities to deal with these specialist birds than us. You so often just get to see the blue flash as one flies by but rarely see them in all their colourful glory like this.

Rescuers Daryl Farmer and Katie Nunn Nash rushed to a Badger in Scrapers Hill Chiddingly after reports it had been hit by a car. The caller had very kindly waited and was able to guide Rescuers to the location. Using a dog grasper Daryl managed to secure the Badger and place it into a holding cage.



They rushed back to the hospital and met on call coordinator Chris Riddington to assess the badger’s condition. The badger had a broken leg, possible spinal trauma and was in shock so our out of hours vet Mike Symons was called out. Sadly the badger started to go down hill and when Mike arrived it started showing signs of internal bleeding. Mike fully assessed the badger but due to the clear internal blood loss Mike had no choice but to end the poor animals suffering. A very hard thing to do especially when the badger would of been in perfect condition before the accident.

Please do slow down on the roads. Accidents do happen but the animals have more of a chance the lower the speeds. If you do hit an animal please don’t assume it’s dead and drive off. It’s a very brave thing to stop turn around and check something you have hit, it can be very upsetting, but that one time you do and that animal is still alive you prevent it from a horrible night of suffering and you give it much more of a chance of survival. Please call your nearest rescue centre or the RSPCA. You won’t be judged or told off you will be thanked for enabling us to get here quicker and hopefully save a life.



We have yet more hedgehogs come into care this week. We had four  young hedgehogs have come in from Ringmer. A little 200 gram hedgehog was admitted by Brian Russell and Kai Ahmed. He was covered in flystrike and maggots crawling from a nasty wound in his leg. Katie and Chris have spent an hour using a special suction machine that removed all of the eggs and maggots and have given emergency first aid. He was then placed in one of our sponsored intensive care units and having fluids whilst being monitored closely by the care team. We have also had a poorly hedgehog from Uckfield with very chesty breathing and a blocked nose so having some nebuliser therapy to try and clear the nostrils. Rescuer Tony Neads has also been to a hedgehog that had fallen down a fence post hole during building work. It was quite wedged in the hole so Tony has to gently coax it out then deliver the poor thing to the Casualty Centre but it was not long before he was tucking into breakfast!



We have had a couple of Tawny Owls in. One was struck by a car at Blackboys. Vet Claire and the team at Henley House Vets have been extremely helpful looking after him whilst discussions have been taking place on the best way forward as the fracture is at a very awkward location on the wing. Our care team have liaised closely with Caroline Gould and Vet Nurse Lucy Kells at Vale wildlife in Gloucestershire who have vast experience on raptor care and have been advising us on the best course of treatment. Following these discussions Claire has now strapped and splinted the fracture and we will X-ray again in a weeks time. Not out of the woods by a long shot but we are trying.

Pigeons have been coming and going this week. A number of them have been released as well as some moving into our aviaries. A pretty young woodpigeon come into care after being handed into Uckfield Vets.  Rescuers Brian and Kai have rescued a pigeon in Eastbourne with a poorly eye and underweight who was quickly but bedded down for the night. It was Kathy’s birthday on Friday so Katie and Chris decided to send her a late birthday present, a beautiful little wood pigeon, which is going to need monitoring closely and hand feeding or a while. Thank you to Chris and Katie for covering allowing Kathy and I to take a couple of days off.



Good Luck to pigeons Frost and his friends, they have been in their soft release aviary and the hatch was opened on Monday so they are now free to come and go as they please while they find their feet in the wild. Frost has been in care since last November when he came to us from Bexhill Wildlife Rescue with sibling Fog. Frost got very ill a month or so later and we thought we would lose him. He had a number of issues afterwards and was at home with Kathy for a while in her garden pen, and has been in one of our indoor aviaries all year, and finally started to fly again last month.

Rescuer Karen Francis and her new helper Jack have been assessing the cygnets at Hampden Park this week to make sure they are all OK after their worming treatment recently. All of them were bright, noisy and eating happily.






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