Chalvington Little Owl

Rescue Co-ordinator Chris Riddington received a very strange call this week about an owl sat on a rabbit warren at Chalvington. The bird was spotted in the evening by the farmer David Turner in his field.  Rescue Co-ordinator Chris Riddington drove across to investigate further hoping he would not end up running around the field like a March Hare, but the owl disappeared down one of the rabbit holes, but hopefully not following a white rabbit. As the rescue turned more and more into a story from Alice in Wonderland, Chris wondered whether the owl would be seen again.  He advised the farmer to return in the morning to check and to take a flask of tea with him just in case. The following morning David discovered the bird had come out into the field where Chris, better known as Tweeldleum by now, and the farmer were able to corner the bird and catch it before the Queen of Hearts turned up! The poor bird is suffering from an eye injury. First aid was given and our Care Teasm started gently warming an rehydrating the owl to start his recovery.

One of our ambulances rushed to the aid of a fox seen pushing itself along by its rear legs in Chelsey Close, Bexhill. The finder Sue was extremely worried about the fox as it tried to hide in some bushes.  The ambulance was on site within 40 minutes and they were able to find and catch the fox where it was quickly taken to WRAS’s Casualty Centre for a better assessment.  The condition was very odd.  Normally if there is a spinal injury everything towards the front works fine and there is paralysis to the rear half, but on this occasion it was almost the reverse, with the fox being and to use its rear legs but not its front legs or even hold its head up.  A very unusual condition.  X-rays were taken and spinal fracture could be found, but sadly the poor creature died overnight our best efforts.

Lindsey Henderson is taking part in the Sussex Triathlon on September 24th in Battle doing the Olympic distance swimming 1500m, cycling 40km and running 10k. She has competed 5 times now in the Sprint distance at other Triathlons but this will be a real challenge for her as it’s double the distance. Her sister volunteers at WRAS and she wants to raise some money for us. Please support her at:

It’s Septemeber and WRAS’s Talk season has started again, if you would like me to visit your community, school, works group, sheltered housing or similar please get in touch with us on 01825-873003 during office hours. We ask for a minimum donation/fee of £45 payable to East Sussex WRAS. Our talks/presentations use a laptop and projector showing videos and photos demonstrating the amazing work of the charity.

If you are in the Uckfield area on Saturday why not pop along and see us at the Uckfield Celebrate Event at the Civic Centre between the High Street and the main Tesco.  We will be there with one of our ambulances between 10am and 4pm.  The event is an awareness event and to celebrating volunteering in Uckfield.

Edenbridge Hedgehog

A little 160 gram hedgehog has come in from Edenbridge late at night this week as no other rescue organisation was free to attend so due to the severity of the call rescuers Fiona and Kai attended.  The poor little one was covered in fly strike all over his body. Not helped by the fact he has mange and ringworm too. Katie and Chris have spent over an hour removing the fly eggs and clipping the fur as the eggs were matted with the mange. He was warmed up slowly and given fluids and is steadily improving.

Every year at the beginning of September the number of calls drop rapidly, giving us a few weeks to try and catch up on many of the jobs we have not had time to do over the Summer months before the Autumn and Winter seasons starts.  However our ambulances have still been out on the road dealing with an injured pigeon in Cresta Close Polegate, an entangled pigeon at Uckfield Service Station, a bat on a lawn in Uckfield, a hedgehog covered in ticks in Burgess Hill, a gull in Princes Park with both wings broken, a pigeon which hit a window in Normansal Park Ave Seaford.

We even had a dehydrated bumblebee which we gave some Manuka Honey and lectade and once the little chap had perked up we let him go again.

Rescuer Karen had the brilliant job of releasing the sparrowhawk which was rescue in Ticehurst last week. It flew of really well, so nice to see after our TLC.


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