I know you people are tired from me mentioning Lyn in my articles but what to do, she is the one who brought me here, so if you like what you read from me then you should thank her. Anyway, Lyn has told me to write about anything i see, and i did, but in this article i will talk about something i feel. Nothing about visiting places, this article is from my depths, a dedication to the victims of killing, wars and terrorism, a dedication to the refugees in the hotel city plaza in Athens, Greece and all the refugees around the world.

Islam, muslims, terrorism, isis..
i guess these four words are familiar to your ears, eyes and mouths. On facebook written posts and videos, on youtube, twitter, Tvs, newspapers, coffees, restaurants.. everywhere people are talking so i decided to talk too.
Why all this din and clutter about muslims?

Injured people are assisted after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017. REUTERS/Toby Melville

What i’m actually seeing today is  human beings killing human beings, why? People can’t you see? They want us dead, they want us to live in chaos. Who are they? I don’t know who they are precisely but i know they are evil, i know they don’t like peace, i know they love to control, i know they hate humanity, i know they hate one another.
“Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims”, i’ve seen that quote in a newspaper. If that’s true then why are a lot of muslims are being killed too? Why the majority of victims are muslims?

If you would say that these people are defending Islam against other religions then they shouldn’t kill muslims, right? But they do. If you would say that these people hate both muslims and non-muslims and love to kill then i would approve that but i won’t approve that they are only muslims who have a misunderstanding to Islam, terrorism is not a muslim monopoly, terrorism is prohibited in Islam. All religions say that we should not kill innocents and this is also said by Islam in the Quran, Surah Al Maidah ch5. V.32 that announce that if anyone ( muslim or non-muslim) kill any other human being ( muslim or non-muslim) it is like he has killed the whole of humanity, and if you save any single life, it is as though you have saved the whole of humanity. That’s what Islam is about.
I myself believe that these people who bomb themselves and go to kill people knowing that they will be then killed are victims too. I don’t think it’s that easy for someone to choose to kill himself or to kill someone else, no, it’s neither easy nor normal.
I always ask myself a question ; why these people who bomb themselves choose death over life? Beccause life is hard and unfair? Life is hard for everybody. Life is a struggle but it’s fair, every cloud has a silver lining
There must be a reason, so why instead of chasing them and accusing them, why don’t we dig for the reasons that are pushing them for doing such things?
Islam and all other religions are for mercy, for peace,  for tolerance, for solidarity.
Religions came to complete one another for the people to live in harmony and continuity, so why don’t we live as brothers and sisters, spread the good and correct the wrongs?
There’s a difference between what God wishes for us and what God gives us the will to choose to do. God’s will is always good, God always wants all good for us but also he gives us the choice whether to act right or wrong, so let’s just act right. Let’s stop being greedy, let’s stop being unfair to one another, let’s stop opposing God’s wishes, let’s just be humans.
Let’s not believe everything we are told, let’s be rational in our thinking and in our choices.
You want to be free, i want to be free, so let’s start from me and you, i respect your freedom and you respect mine.
Throughout history, there existed people who wanted to falsify, misrepresent and distort the truth about any religion. Why? Because they know that what these religions came with is against their evil desires. Let’s not be blinded by these vicious beliefs. Think about the children, what do they know about these wars? Think about the mothers who losts their sons and daughters, think about the homeless, think about the poor, think about the orphans, think about the refugees, think about nature,think about the earth.
I know there’s good inside of you, despite the things you say, despite the ideas implanted in your minds, despite the evil around you, i know there’s good inside of you. Human beings are God’s best creation so you can’t be but good, so let’s be who we really are.
It will come a day when all the world will be in peace, so let’s pave the way for peace.