We have been through some very hot days recently, and as the weather turned a little bit cooler and i was sitting home doing nothing, the idea of taking a walk hit my mind, so i called my friend ‘Kais Yaakoub’ and we went straight to the oasis where they have a large forest. The place was familiar, of course the oasis of Kébili looks almost the same but there was something special about that place, as we were walking around i told my friend that i think i have been here before, so he told me that i came here with a group of tourists a time ago, then i remembered that in this forest Lyn took a picture of me, it was there when we first talked, it was there when all has started. What Lyn witnessed that day was the harvest of dates, and i am sure that a large number of people if not all think that the oasis of Kébili is just about the dates. Truth is that, the forests are much more deep than that, that feeling the forests give to people when they are visiting is not coming from just the palm trees, the oasis of Kebili is a well-built complex of joy. There was something special about that forest, not only because it is where i first met Lyn, but also the composition of the forest’s sections are special and unique. Most  people, especially tourists, when they visit our oasis, as soon as they are in, their heads are keep looking up, to what? To the palm dates as that is what they think it only matters.  My friend told me something about how the forests are organised, something i have always seen but i never thought of, he told me that the sector of agriculture in Kébili is based on the three-storey system.

Overview of the composition of the forest :

The forest’s properties are separated one from another with a fence of palm leaves, each one contains an entry, from the entry starts a main corridor branching into the forest into secondary corridors which help to divide the forest into sections, and each section is for a certain type of planting. I never thought of such a variety and i never thought that its too much of work. Usually in the middle there exists a cottage or a shack made from the palm wood in which farmers keep their equipment.

The three-storey system refers to the three types of plantings on the basis of the height, so there is the ground grazing such as the grass, the onion, the potatoes, the watermelon…etc, the medium-height grazing such as the pomegranate, the figs, the mulberry…etc, and the high grazing which are basically the date palms.

Standing by the entry of one of these forests, having a wide vision of the entourage, closing the eyes and inhaling the clean air with a variety of natural scents just made me wish to stay there forever, and why not? I can get fresh food as i can get fresh water. As to mention water, the watering system needs a whole study on its own, from how to extract water from the heart of the earth, to how it is distributed to irrigation channels, then how it is equally distributed to the forest watercourses.

The sound of the wind running through the palm leaves on top and through the plants down, the melodic rhythm of the running water, the joyful singing of birds, the quiet peace of the green fields enjoying the symphony, all was around me while i was flashing back to how destiny walked me to meet Lyn there so i can have that great chance to write. I have been always looking at this nature as it is all around my city but i’d never actually seen it. Sometimes we just look at things but we cannot see.