‘Al-Fitr’(الفطر) in arabic is the noun from the arabic verb ‘Fatara’ (فطر) which means ‘ate’, the past form of the verb ‘to eat’, and ‘Eid’ (العيد) means ‘feast’. Calling this feast ‘Eid Al-Fitr’ (عيد الفطر) then was not random because it comes directly the day after ‘Ramadhan’ is over, it comes the day after 30 days of fasting, it’s the day when people are back again to their normal eating routine, It is absolutely forbidden to fast on the first day of ‘Eid Al-Fitr’.

In addition to the religious dimensions, the ‘Eid’ bears humanitarian, philanthropic and social dimensions. After a proportional separation, people meet again in this feast, the ones who live far from home come back to share this day with their families and relatives, friends make time to meet each others again, even the ones who passed away are visited; this is why cemeteries during the Eid’s morning are full with people reading prayers.

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‘The Eid’ is the joy, the reunion, is peace after contention, ‘The Eid’ is the social, intellectual and spiritual connection. At sunrise on the first day, Muslims perform prayer to celebrate the Eid, and the prayer of ‘Al-Fitr’ is Sunnah. One of the most important features of ‘Eid Al-Fitr’ is seeing people, especially the kids,  wearing new outfits bought specially to celebrate that day, it’s like the people are showing up with a new spirit, new lifestyle, a new better innocent beginning. People smiling and laughing, some others are singing, all the houses’ doors are open so anyone can come in, children play with their toys or games and some other children are sitting around their grand-father or grand-mother listening to their stories and fairytales.

Most of girls in the Eid’s morning would be still in the kitchen baking cookies.. oh yes.. as every celebration has its own special meal, Eid Al-Fitr’s special are cookies. During the last days of Ramadhan, people start preparing different types of cookies and sweets to be eaten and shared in the Eid. Eid Al-Fitr is like a universal common birthday party, the birthday of good spirits.

It is easy to take a cookie, throw it in the mouth, show it and swallow it, sometimes when i don’t like one, i just throw it in the garbage so my sister gives me that look, i can see her evil sparkles coming out her eyes as she wants to punch me in the mouth, then she says : ‘of course, you’re not the one who spent the night baking next to a furnace’. As I decided to write this article about Eid Al-Fitr and its cookies like I mentioned in my previous article about Ramadhan, my sister ‘Houda’ decided to take part so she chose 4 types of cookies to tell to my readers and she spent the night writing their recipe. I guess she believes that my readers would understand better than I do!

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