Step back in time at Carnaby Street’s underground cocktail haven. What once was a WW2 air raid shelter is now Soho’s Kingley Court Underground Station – a retro bar complete with tube seating, handmade cocktail menus and bar staff donned in 1940’s costume.

First things first, be sure to book in advance. Cahoots is popular for a reason and peak drinking slots get snapped up weeks in advance. I’ve witnessed too many excitable patrons without a reservation be turned away at the door – so don’t be one of them!

Now, onto the space itself – the atmosphere created is so convincing that one could be forgiven for mistaking this as a 1946 Underground party. Walking through the front entrance you’ll be welcomed by Kingley Court’s station master and issued a day ticket for your stay. Once you’ve skipped and hopped to your seats, take note of the authentic seat covering and hanging bars. Floorspace is generous and the bar is equipped with a good mix of cushioned seating, private booths and comfy footstools.

Next, the mammoth 8-page cocktail menu. Cocktails average in at about £8 – lighter on the pocket but still generously poured. If you’re stuck on what to order, the staff will be more than happy to make a personalised recommendation – they know this menu inside out so take courage in their selection! For a fancy twist on an ultimately classic G&T, opt for the Vera Lynn – complete with pear puree and elderflower. Or, get All Hot and Buttered with a spicy rum delight.

Drinks are served up in anything from dainty tea cups to traditional milk bottles. As far as quirky combinations go, be bold and opt for the Red Dapper gin cocktail – filled with anchovy, tomato paste and horseradish. There’s no doubt Cahoots’ menu invites you to try some of the most spectacular mixes that the West End has to offer.

If the complimentary popcorn has you yearning for more, be sure to check out Cahoot’s selection of snacks and titbits. From the crisps and salad cream sandwich to the golden syrup lathered crumpets – there’s enough to keep you reminiscent of those fond childhood treats.

Transport yourself to the buoyancy of post-war Britain and nab yourself a spot at Kingley Court’s trendiest bar this season. It’s the only place left in London where drinking on the tube is still allowed!

Cahoots is located at 13 Kingly Court, W1B 5PG. For more information and bookings, be sure to visit