I am amazed we have now completed seven weeks on lock down. Where did April go? Did it happen? As someone who thrives on business it has been quite a lesson. But that saying ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’ somehow hit home. I’ve been thinking about what we have done that would not have been possible without this imposed stay at home.

Hubby has practically rebuilt the gable end of our house. It needs re-rendering he said, so what does he do, trench it, bitumin it, hack it off, render it and top coat mortar it. Good job! Meanwhile on rainy days he ripped out the top bathroom, not such a good job – that is ongoing….

I have reclaimed the chicken pen, turned it into a garden, the chicken house is now my potting shed, a little cramped maybe and causes the odd head bump but hey, a dry home for my compost and gardening tools – which I can now find easily!

I have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes, strawberries, asparagus and lettuce planted. All thanks to the lock down. There is not a chance these achievements would have happened had we not been forced into retirement practice. And to be honest, I like it. It took me a while but now the weather has settled so have I.


Strawberry Plant

Strawberry Plant


My meandering walks near home have seen me studying the river and the river bank. Wildlife and bird song brings such peace. And I discovered an animal den. Again having not had time, not been out foraging for wild asparagus – for which I had my biggest collection ever this year, I would never have seen the pile of poo.

It stopped me in my tracks. What was a pile of dog poo doing so far from the road, so much of it together and in a little hollow. I then noticed a trail trodden down through the grass into the undergrowth, thought immediately ‘wild boar’ called the dog and got out of there pretty fast.

Google came to my aid and I discovered that it was a badger poo pit. Can you imagine! Apparently they dig a new pit every day and all the sett – mum, dad, auntie, uncle and cubs poo in the same pit. That certainly explained the different shape, size and colour of the poo I had been inspecting! And it was fresh poo too, so as Google told me the sett is in use, so exciting.





I have been back most days to check the poo pits and yes, every day a new pit of poo! The plan is, on a nice evening, to take a chair and sit and wait to see them come out to feed and play as dusk approaches.

Now our seventh week is over we will be allowed to go for a walk in couples, children under 14 are allowed out for an hour a day with one adult and bit by bit we are heading for the new norm so the list of things I still want to do – see a badger, finish hacking down the honeysuckle hedge, paint the patio chairs,put some guitar practice in (not done that once, just haven’t had time!) and before you know it the business of live will overtake us again.

This time has been a great education full of ups and downs, some round and rounds but upwards and onwards we go to life on the outside? Can’t wait? I’m sort of hoping it doesn’t come too quickly now!

B-C-Ing-U in two weeks – maybe with a photo of my own of badgers at play!