Porn site ‘Pornhub’ lifted the lid on Malta’s internet searches.


In recent years Malta has thrown-off decades of sex taboo and has moved in a diametrically opposite direction. It now has amongst the most updated and liberalised legislation for LGBT persons and same-sex marriage has been legislated too, as has divorce. This is completely contrary to 20 years ago when such measures were not even thinkable.


The country average of women watching porn is 26% per country; Maltese women registered at 33%.

Although soliciting for prostitution purposes is still illegal, over the last ten years this has been suitably skirted over by an explosion of so-called “massage parlours” and “Gentlemen’s Clubs”, many of them under a thin veneer cover of being methods of “relaxation” and “entertainment”.


World-wide viewing figures.

Only last week no less than six women from The Ukraine (ages ranging between 36 and 39) were arraigned on charges of prostitution while working in such exotically named “parlours” as ‘The Golden Touch’, ‘Moments in Paradise’ and ‘The Lotus Massage Parlour’. They were found guilty, fined and ordered to be deported. In connection with same, two Maltese brothers and a Maltese female associate were charged with illegally running brothels, allowing premises to be used for prostitution purposes and contravening other laws connected to drugs and armaments.


MCWO Chairperson Ms Lorraine Spiteri on today’s sex education for children.

However, the greatest exposure has been brought about by technology and the internet. Two weeks ago I wrote that Ms Lorraine Spiteri, Chairperson of the Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations had lamented that “as things stand, the sad truth is that pornography is probably the main sex educator of our children today”.


This statement did not raise any great concern but universal nodding acknowledgement that sadly, yes this is the case and is probably valid for the rest of the world too.


To put matters further into perspective a number of conclusions are being drawn from surveys carried out by organisations such as the analytics company ‘Alexa’, and figures released by the international internet pornography site ‘Pornhub’.


Mature women, Malta’s most searched – Oeidpus Complex.

‘Alexa’ reported that people logging onto the internet in Malta are more likely to be visiting a live porn webcam show than logging into the updated information vehicle ‘Wikipedia’! In fact ‘’ had a higher internet rating with the Maltese than ‘Wikipedia’.


This caused a local newspaper to report that “overall, it would appear that the Maltese are more interested in sex that voluntarily accessing a free online encyclopaedia.  The local rankings could be interpreted as highlighting the perverted minds of the people that inhabit the Maltese islands”.


Well, well, that is very gratifying to know!


To further press home the point, ‘Pornhub’ revealed what particular types of porn are most favoured by “the perverted Maltese”.


Drop in Maltese viewing when a top-notch soccer match is being screened.

As a little interim intervention it is only fair to also report there are two specific periods when porn viewing is superseded by other viewing interests. The main one is when a top notch football (soccer) match is being screened, particularly a Champions League Final and particularly if one of the teams involved has thousands of fans in Malta like England’s Manchester United or Italy’s Juventus.


Amazonian women – highly favoured viewing of Maltese men.

The other occasion is the Final session of the Eurovision Song Contest – which I find most bizarre as this is purely a farce.


However, back to the caption in focus; ‘Pornhub’ reported that 2016 analysis of the specified sites actually visited reveals that topping the popularity charts is a search for mature women also known as MILFs. Considering that Eurostat Data also shows that more than half of Malta’s men aged between 25 and 35 still live with their mother (2015 data) this bizarrely has an Oedipus Touch!


The top female stars in the industry.

Malta’s males are 4 cms shorter than the European average and therefore the next most-sought porn is for “Amazonian Giantesses”…Malta actually topping the world charts for this type of material…


This is followed by what is termed “vore” material, that is, a man being totally enveloped by a woman, not in a cannibalistic edible manner but in being totally dominated. This harps back to the period when male domination over women was virtually total and this is an inversion of roles. Over and above this, obese women are preferred, a characteristic trait that goes back to the Stone Age period and the fertility carvings of the time of the ‘ideal’ woman with enormous child-bearing hips and a vast posterior.


Maltese women regularly viewing porn – well above the world average.

Having gone so far, it seems that the perversions lie with the males and that Maltese females have remained prude and above such smut. HOWEVER, Maltese women make up 33% of ALL Maltese porn viewers, when the world average of women viewers is only 26%.


Dear oh dear, what revealing figures, and what was that about the Maltese being perverted?