At over thirty seven weeks pregnant, I must confess that I am now eager to meet my new little girl and quite frankly tired of being pregnant. Yes, I know that I should cherish every moment of my pregnancy, but as I seem to have consumed my own body weight in a well known brand of indigestion medicine and am beginning to feel like I really will explode without warning if the baby grows any bigger, I really will be glad to undergo the riggers of child birth and meet my little bundle. I say that now of course, but when I am in the middle of child birth I may not stand by this statement.

This will be my third child and indeed my third daughter, but I am as excited as can be. I did the usual trick of declaring no more children and getting rid of all the baby things, but I have to say I couldn’t be happier than to be carrying my new husband, Rob’s child. Things have been completely different this time around in a very positive way and my only fear is that I will have to rugby tackle Rob in order to get a look in on this baby; for he is already a doting Dad to bump.

img_0751-mediumFinally, I have had the chance to get the coach-built pram I always wanted and now that I have moved house I have the space to store it. Yes, in the midst of a hectic work life, family life and being heavily pregnant we did a house move on Friday and whilst on the moving day I did feel completely overwhelmed I am actually glad we took the plunge and moved, because we were cramped as a family of three in our cottage and so with a new baby I would have felt like the old woman who lived in a shoe. So, I’ve been in full nesting mode over the past few days and I now just have to work on getting my iron levels up so I can have a home birth.

img_0751On the 23rd September I did my last cooking demonstration until the baby is born. I was really pleased to be demonstrating how to make the most of your home grown fruit and vegetables at The Three Counties Autumn Show in Malvern. I got my hands on some absolutely first class local pears, apples, tomatoes and plums and cooked up dishes that included mulled pears, tomato ketchup, pear and truffle ketchup (my absolute favourite) and allsorts of jams and chutneys. The team at the showground were fantastic and the show drew a really great crowd and I even did a bit of book signing, so it was a nice note to end on before retiring myself to a maternity leave that is spent behind a laptop rather than a cooker or indeed racing up and down motorways.

Well, it’s time to go and do the school run and so until next time I bid you a fond farewell from a rather chilly West Wales.